5 Jan 2022
Entrepreneurship is about unlocking your inner superpowers and making an impact. It's about being courageous enough to grab an opportunity and follow your gut. It’s about being gritty enough to make your idea a reality.
15 Dec 2021
In today’s world, the term “entrepreneur” is used quite a lot. It may even be used to describe you! In this conversation marathon with Amit Grover , who is the Founder and Managing Partner at Grover Impact Ventures, an aspiring Venture Capital Fund Manager, we dig deep and ask what it means to be an entrepreneur.
1 Dec 2021
In this episode we invited David Meltzer to guest star on our show. David is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing. Prior to this, David served as CEO of the notorious Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.
17 Nov 2021
In this episode, we are in conversation with Peter Winnick, Founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Peter shows us how the current landscape has affected small businesses worldwide for the better and how entrepreneurs can benefit from starting their own thought leadership to elevate their brand or business.
3 Nov 2021
Join us in our latest series Dare to Scale YOU! where we are in conversation with Paul Zelizer, a leader in the global conversations on mindful leadership in business and host of the Awarepreneurs podcast.
20 Oct 2021
In today’s episode we are in discussion with entrepreneur extraordinaire Mahwussh Alam as she shares with us her journey into the world of entrepreneurship, the passion that drives her to thrive and some very inspiring advice for any entrepreneur out there.
6 Oct 2021
Join us on this Masters’ Spotlight with Sagarika Sahoo, Founder of Commerce Connect and an award-winning entrepreneur who is sharing with us her journey of significant experiences and how she uses them to build her company.
15 Sep 2021
In this episode we discuss the importance of working on holistic wellbeing while getting our hustle on. We have shared some practical tips that all entrepreneurs can start following in order to have the right balance between work and personal wellbeing.
1 Sep 2021
Elie Ghoussoub, co-founder of DASS Solutions, shares with us his unique perspective on entrepreneurship, how he discovered his passion for helping make this world a safer and more inclusive place and what it takes to chase your dreams.
18 Aug 2021
In this exciting episode, Surbhi shares her learnings and experiences as a digital marketer and how businesses - large or small- can leverage modern marketing to create value for their consumers.
4 Aug 2021
Join us to listen to Rajat’s journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial side and how he is working tirelessly to help create awareness and normalise discussions of women’s hormonal health
21 Jul 2021
In this episode, Evan and Warsha share their best practices to help you achieve your goals faster by focusing on the milestones and as a bonus they have also shared some great tips to avoid distractions along the way.
7 Jul 2021
In this Masters’ Spotlight episode, we welcome, Reim El Houni, Founder and CEO of Ti22 Films and dubai ON demand. Reim shares with us her meticulous journey from TV producer to setting up and running her own business.
16 Jun 2021
In today’s special episode, Warsha and Evan tell their story and discuss the milestones that defined their entrepreneurial journey. Through each of these anecdotes, they have shared the mentoring lessons they have learnt over the years from their parents, grandparents and colleagues coupled with their own experiences.
2 Jun 2021
Welcome to the latest instalment of our Masters’ Spotlight Series. In this episode, we had an incredible conversation with Jatin Sachdeva, the founder and CEO of Au Pure, the leading integrator of Air Quality Solutions based here in Dubai. Jatin comes from a strong corporate background of 17 years and now he is responsible for creating and leading an Indoor Air Quality Solutions provider for the Middle East and Africa region.
19 May 2021
Our guest today, Ramzi Ghurani is the Managing Partner of Petra Insurance Brokers. Ramzi shares with us his nuggets of wisdom gained over the span of more than 20 years from his impressive background in insurance, risk management, branding, and business development.
5 May 2021
In this episode Marilyn shares with us her captivating story of starting her own company during the height of the pandemic. She has infused her passion for collaboration, innovation, and creativity, along with her vision to empower teams across the world into her business.
21 Apr 2021
Today we are in conversation with Darren Carrington, Founder and Director of YouNique Consulting, as he gives great insight into his background in broadcasting and radio and his transition to entrepreneurship.
7 Apr 2021
Dhiren Bhatia is Founder and Managing Director of Cloudscape Technologies and host of the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast. Dhiren shares a wonderful journey from Dubai to Canada (and back again), his learnings from corporate and wins in Cloudscape.
24 Mar 2021
Today's we are talking to Amanda Perry, CEO and MD of Vitality Management Solutions, the UAE's first and only female-focused business accelerator. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, there is so much you can take away from Amanda Perry's wisdom and incredible insights.
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