Mentoring the Masters

Business owners. Entrepreneurs. Founders. You.

We Help You, The Masterful Technician, 
Step Into Your Tribe of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and
Transform Into a Master of Your Business
Tell me how!
Your Cohort of Business Owners
The skills and support you had to scale your first million-dollar journey through the foothills are not the same as those you will need to scale your next five to ten million-dollar mountain.

A MetrixGlobal study found Coaching produced a 529% ROI and significant intangible benefits to the business. If you add a like-minded peer group on a similar trajectory to you, your ROI tends towards infinite!

Join our ecosystem of mentoring, peer groups, coaching, masterminds, learning, application and accountability to get yourself back in your driver's seat and catapulting forward.

Imagine how it will feel to finally know you're in good company and no longer feeling isolated at the top.

I want to know more!
The Five Elements
Dare To Scale's unique approach to mastering the five business elements are the key management principles and self-development concepts of any model.

Rapidly-growing companies and their owners convene to access resources, resolve challenges, and scale their business with support from the ecosystem.

Some Love From Our Members
Dhiren Bhatia
Head Cloud Connector
Cloudscape Techologies
"Dare To Scale's Masters' Tables help close the strategic gaps required for scaling. The group keeps me accountable and the learning experiences in the group are invaluable."
Jatin Sachdeva
Founder and CEO
Au Pure
This Mastermind group is powerful. I get the support and confidence to aim even higher and reach for bigger opportunities."
Hey there, Warsha and Evan here, co-creators and founders of Dare To Scale.
Are you tired of feeling alone in your business?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at keeping all the balls in the air?
Are you frustrated with the day to day firefighting in your business?
Do you ever wish you had a support system? A confidential group of people to turn to when you need advice?
If you answered YES to any of the above then welcome! This is the place for you.
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