Welcome to The Dare to Scale Show

Welcome to The Dare to Scale Show!

Have you got what it takes to scale your business forward? Are you ready to take on greater heights in your entrepreneurial journey? Tune in to the Dare to Scale Podcast and find out the best practices, tactics, and strategies industry leaders and experts use to grow and scale their business successfully.

Everything from finding the courage to dream bigger and bolder to determining the right goals, developing an abundance mindset, unlearning practices that no longer serve the business and replacing them with useful ones, to hiring the right team, managing finances and operations to ultimately achieving growth in sales and revenue within the company, as well as practical tips on dealing with the intricate complexities that come with each stage – we've got all these covered.

In each episode, we provide actionable steps you can take to propel your business upward and forward – no matter which stage you're at in your Dare to Scale journey – Dare, Unlearn, Prepare and Scale. Whether you are a small business owner ready to scale up, or you're a leader of a big company wanting to conquer your next big business venture, or you are somewhere in-between, the Dare to Scale Podcast is for you.

Episode Highlights:
  • Introducing The Dare to Scale Show. 
  • Our vision for this podcast and how you can make it your own. 
Episode Transcript

Warsha 0:01

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Dare to Scale show with your co-hosts me Warsha.

Evan 0:08

And me, Evan. Hello!

Warsha 0:01

Hello! So, what is dare to scale? Over the years that we've been coaching founders and business owners like yourself, we work through a framework called Dare to Scale. That framework has helped so many of them through this scaling forward journey. So that is what we're going to be talking about in the podcast. And what is that framework? Evan?

Evan 0:36

Thank you Warsha! Well, that's very, very simple. It is that journey from daring to scaling. And there's four steps in there. The first is to dare, and daring to admit something might not be right. having the courage to stand up and say, I need help. What got me here will not get me there, Marshall Goldsmith, right. It always rings true and absolutely is something we need to face facing the harsh reality of where we're at. But with the abundant mindset, that most owners business owners actually have, there is a bigger pie to be had, there is more service to be given. And it's that space where we are daring to say we can do better. So sometimes, we have to admit that everything in our cup is too much. And emptying the cup a little bit by unlearning, which is the second step. So unlearning some of the practices that are no longer serving us and replacing them with stuff that does. And that is leading us nicely into the third step, which is preparing, getting the right people on the team, you know, all the details that go with that your practices execution, how you handle your cash, everything like that. And once you're prepared, you're then ready for the last step, which is scaling. And that is all about your execution.

Warsha 1:53

Very nice. So really, the framework is dare unlearn, prepare, and scale, dare, unlearn, prepare, scale.

Evan 2:03

And that theme will be going through all of our podcasts going forward.

Warsha 2:06

Yeah, absolutely. including some of the guests were that we intend to have on the show, we have some wonderful, wonderful people lined up to come and share their experiences. These are people who are at the top of their game. With each episode, there will be takeaways, if possible, sit down with a pen and paper or somewhere where you can make quick notes. Because when you head over to our Facebook group, and join the conversations over there, please tell us what have you done with those actionable steps? And how has that now given you a very specific desired result. So, remember when you listen to our podcast, you will also find very specific actionable steps that you can take away some next step, something that you can immediately go and either check what's happening within your business or actually go and implement within your business or with yourself. So welcome again. Stay with us. Subscribe, and join us on this journey to grow your business.

Evan 3:09

Absolutely, head over to daretoscale.fm or subscribe on the platform you're currently listening on. And do give us a five-star reviews so other entrepreneurs can actually find this podcast like you and get value from it and also scale their business.

Warsha 3:26

Join us and we'll see you in the weeks to come by.

Evan 3:30

Absolutely. Thank you for listening and we'll see you next time.

Meet your hosts:
Warsha Joshi and Evan Le Clus
We are business mentors and business owners operating out of the vibrant city of Dubai, UAE. 
We love helping dreams become a reality by bringing about the transformation from Founder to Leader, Consultant to Business Owner.

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