Welcome to The Dare to Scale Show

Episode 10

Milestone, Actions and Wins of 2020

In today's episode, we want to celebrate the year that has been and look forward to the year that is to come. We'd like to share with you our milestones this year and the action steps we took to get us to where we are now, and how, you, dear Founder, business owner and entrepreneur, can pivot your company and business success to not just survive but thrive in the coming year.
Episode Highlights:
  • 3:38 – The Dare to Scale Show and how it came to life.
  • 4:47 – Reinvest in yourself.
  • 6:46 – Assemble the right team, plan and processes.
  • 7:30 – Warsha's personal story of triumph.
  • 10:08 – Step outside your boundaries.
  • 12:54 – A new podcast segment for the next year.
Top Takeaways:
1. Assess your business model.
2. Act fast.
3. Invest in yourself.
4. Invest in your people, plans, and processes.
5. Step outside your comfort zone.
6. Start from where you're at.
We wish you the most awesome 2021, have a happy celebration, be safe, and we'll see you next month!
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Episode Transcript
Warsha 00:01
Welcome to the Dare to Scale Show with me Warsha.
Evan 00:04
And me Evan.
Warsha 00:05

So, what is Dare to Scale, over the years that we've been coaching founders and business owners, much like yourselves. We've worked through a framework called Dare to Scale.

Evan 00:18
Dare to Scale indeed. That framework has helped loads of business owners. That is what this show is all about. So, put on your big picture thinking hat.

Warsha 00:28
Oh and your headphones, and come join us and enjoy the ride.

Evan 00:38
Hi and welcome to the show.

Warsha 00:40
Hey, welcome. It is the 30th of December.

Evan 00:43
Indeed and we hope you've had a wonderfully safe, and festive season so far. And if you can, or if you were able to, you've spent it with family.

Warsha 00:52
That is true and we raise a glass for the year that it has been. And we raise a glass for the year that is to come.

Evan 1:00
To come indeed, always always.

Warsha 1:02
So, what are we talking about in this episode Evan today.

Evan 1:04
Well with a little bit about our journey through this year. For us it started in March, the same as everybody else.

Warsha 1:10
We're sharing.

Evan 1:11

Warsha 1:12
So we're sharing what the that has been for us, and what are some of the milestone events that made us take some very specific business decisions. And what were the outcomes, what were the results that, what were the outcomes of those decisions and the steps that we took with the hope to.

Evan 1:29

Warsha 1:30
Possibly inspire you, in the coming months, in the coming weeks, in the coming months to say, if you ever faced a situation like this, this is what we did and this is what the results.

Evan 1:42
So, you've read blogs and thought leadership pieces and stuff like that so, what we ended up doing was applying that knowledge, and it works.

Warsha 1:51

Evan 1:52
And that's the biggest takeaway is it works.

Warsha 1:53
The key is in the action set. So, yes, everything started in March, where we are things started unfolding, the global event started unfolding and one of the first things that we realized is our customers. Okay so, who are our customers, our customers, our entrepreneurs, the founders or business owners, you and what did you need at that stage, we really needed extra hand holding because businesses were going through a massive change, markets were going through a massive shift, and the first thing that we did was recognize the fact that you needed that extra support.

Evan 2:30

Warsha 2:31
That extra that really that space to come and say, what do I do, so we acted fast.

Evan 2:39
We did.

Warsha 2:40
Reassessed the business model, we acted fast, we gave our customers.

Evan 2:45
What they needed.

Warsha 2:46
What they needed; we add gave that value that they needed when they needed it. And at this stage, I also want to say a huge thank you.

Evan 2:55
Thank you.

Warsha 2:56
To those customers, to not just believing in what in the journey that we were starting for them fresh, because it was needed at that time but also because they took action.

Evan 3:10
They did take action.

Warsha 3:11
And not only did they survive, they are thriving.

Evan 3:14

Warsha 3:15
So, thank you for taking action, because everything is in action that you take.

Evan 3:21
Yeah, and like you said surviving. Right and that has caused, well first it was a massive chain reaction.

Warsha 3:27
It was.

Evan 3:28
So, helping customers and then we essentially were looking at the IP's that we were working with. And some of them were very inflexible. And then we decided, you know what, what we're going to do is we're going to dare to step away.

Warsha 3:40
Oh very nice.

Evan 3:41
Old way of doing it, so to speak, and establish Dare to Scale which we'd actually started looking at in 2018.

Warsha 3:48
Yes, it was 2

Evan 3:49
So, we've dusted off those plans breathe some life into it. And we are making our own brand.

Warsha 3:55
That is true. It was lying dormant for two years and you know how it is. You're lying dormant for two years waiting for the right opportunity, for the right environment to come through. And there it is, it's back to life.

Evan 4:09
Back to life and we had the courage to take that challenge.

Warsha 4:11
You know, I'm glad you said that because the way the world was going. It did take a lot of courage to say, you know one to step away from the brands we were working with, and also to say, we're now daring to back ourselves.

Evan 4:25
Absolutely. You know, you have this wonderful thing about an omelet. You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Warsha 4:31
To make an omelet.

Evan 4:32
And essentially, that's what we went through.

Warsha 4:34
We did. Hey, and the first thing that happened when we took that decision Evan.

Evan 4:39
So, we applied some of our bids.

Warsha 4:42
Yeah. Everything came up for review.

Evan 4:44
Everything. So, we were assessing what gaps they were, and the immediate thing.

Warsha 4:49
Everything came up for review. And one of the first things that we do when we start a new business is to reinvest in ourselves.

Evan 4:58

Warsha 4:59
And the areas that we want to reinvest in ourselves, we're, of course, some of the gaps that started appearing when we started reviving Dare to Scale.

Evan 5:08
Of course! And one of the key ones there is, because we have several businesses and our pipeline our customer pipeline.

Warsha 5:15
Nurturing the customer.

Evan 5:16
Nurturing the customers and the journey and the prospects of people who are looking for help.

Warsha 5:19
Yeah, nurturing the existing and potential customers building that pipeline. So that was one of the.

Evan 5:27
So, digital marketing and the email space, we were doing some stuff.

Warsha 5:30

Evan 5:31
But what we did was we firmed up and made it better.

Warsha 5:34

Evan 5:35
And a whole new line of business section come out of that.

Warsha 5:37
That is true.

Evan 5:38

Warsha 5:39
Investing in ourselves, investing in the team, so they support us, and what was also one of the biggest milestones for us, is we realized that we have so much to share, so much to say, and I say say for a reason because speaking comes naturally for us both so.

Evan 5:59
It does.

Warsha 6:00
And we thought, we're not the best of writers, it doesn't come naturally, it's quite an uphill task for me to sit down and write something, and yay what is the best way. What is a great channel for us to actually say, and of course it is a.

Evan 6:14
Behold we invested in ourselves learned everything about a podcast.

Warsha 6:18
About running a podcast totally.

Evan 6:21
We are totally with you and our guests and having a wonderful time doing it.

Warsha 6:25
So, what we learned over there was really reassessing reviewing everything and reinvesting in ourselves.

Evan 6:32
Review, and invest in yourself completely.

Warsha 6:34
Yeah. And then came the next step.

Evan 6:37
And this is one of the key things you are so good at this. And it was about the team.

Warsha 6:42
It is about the team.

Evan 6:44
So, you assembled the right people in the right place.

Warsha 6:47

Evan 6:48
People, processes.

Warsha 6:49

Evan 6:50
And plans.

Warsha 6:51
People, plans and processes.

Evan 6:52
Oh yes, people, plans and processes.

Warsha 6:53
So that's what we did next, we have an amazing team, we have been so grateful we've been surrounded by some great people.

Evan 7:02

Warsha 7:03
Inspired people. And that's exactly what we did next bring those people together, bring our team together and put the right goals ahead of us.

Evan 7:13
We did.

Warsha 7:14
Put the right plans to achieve those goals ahead of us and build those processes that we need.

Evan 7:18

Warsha 7:19
To back those plans, to strengthen those plans.

Evan 7:22
And that's exactly what we did.

Warsha 7:23
So, we spent a lot of time actually doing that parallelly to learning all the things that we need.

Evan 7:28
Of course.

Warsha 7:29
And hey, proofs in the pudding huh.

Evan 7:31
The proof is in the pudding.

Warsha 7:33
You know, I'm sure you've heard, business coaches or thought leaders say how ask, even how strong is your business, how strong are your processes that they will survive. If you were hit by a bus tomorrow. And guess what.

Evan 7:48
We don't wish that on anybody, and yet.

Warsha 7:51
And yet, guess what happened. No, there was no bus involved. And on the 16th of September, I was out for a ride on horse riding, and I slipped and fell. And I know horse riding is an adventure sport and you've got to be careful and all that. I totally accept that it was my fault. I was wearing a helmet, and I was a little bit careless about not doing up the chin strap firmly. So, when I slipped and fell off the horse. I actually landed on a rock and the helmet slipped.

Evan 8:23
But there were circumstances, you were going for walk it wasn't even a solid ride.

Warsha 8:28
No, it wasn't.

Evan 8:29
So, the horse moved and you slipped.

Warsha 8:31
The fact is I slipped.

Evan 8:33
And the helmet moved.

Warsha 8:34
And the helmet moved.

Evan 8:35
There were consequences.

Warsha 8:36
Yes, there were consequences, because that was the last thing I remembered for the next few days, slipping and for slipping off the horse because I suffered several skull fractures, it was fairly touch and go as we understand the doctors kept revealing this to us. Only after I began.

Evan 8:52
Drip feeding the information.

Warsha 8:53
Drip feeding the information, only once I got back to the state where I could open my eyes and actually observed what was happening so it was quite a traumatic experience, and yet the fact is, I'm still here, and I'm talking to everybody. And why are we sharing this specifically to say proofs in the pudding, those wonderful people.

Evan 9:15
The team yeah.

Warsha 9:16
These wonderful people, those plans, the processes everything took off like clockwork, and the scheduled launch of the podcast was on the 30th of September. And guess what?

Evan 9:28
The Podcast went live, the website was ready.

Warsha 9:31
The team did it, the podcast is live, the website came up, and particularly and I say the team did it because Evan's time was divided between making sure that I am still there, looking after me, and being there to support the team as well. So, just as we said, a huge thank you to the customers to our clients earlier, I want to say a big thanks to the team.

Evan 9:56
Huge thank you to the team, couldn't have done it without you.

Warsha 9:59
No, for doing what you did, and doing it in style.

Evan 10:02
Absolutely in style, completely.

Warsha 10:04
So, massive thanks to everyone.

Evan 10:06
Now the serendipity of talking about podcasting and speaking is a couple of days before your accident.

Warsha 10:14
I know it was literally days before the accident.

Evan 10:16
So, days before your accident. We plucked up the courage and actually signed up with a book coach.

Warsha 10:21
I know, which had to take a backseat.

Evan 10:23
A little bit.

Warsha 10:24
While I was asleep.

Evan 10:27

Warsha 10:28

Yes, recovering because my recovery period was fairly weak, let's just say it took some time.

Evan 10:33
It took time, and you were so extremely tired.

Warsha 10:36
I was.

Evan 10:37
There were these 90-minute windows that we have to keep finding, where we could record podcasts where we could do what needs to be done.

Warsha 10:44
Write the book.

Evan 10:45
And then eventually getting on to the writing, so that was delayed a little bit.

Warsha 10:47
Getting on to the writing.

Evan 10:48
And here we are end of the year, and we're into the final stages of the writing, and the book will launch in a couple of months.

Warsha 10:56
So we're in the final stages of draft two.

Evan 10:59

Warsha 11:00
Of our first book, the biggest win a few weeks ago was that we completed the first draft of our entire book. I can't believe we did that, so despite having periods in the month of most of September and most of October, where I don't even know whether I was awake or not. We actually still wrote.

Evan 11:18
We still.

Warsha 11:19
We found those elusive moments.

Evan 11:21

Warsha 11:22
And we wrote.

Evan 11:23
And managed to kick that off.

Warsha 11:24
So, if that wasn't pushing ourselves, and pushing and really stepping outside the boundary then I don't know what is.

Evan 11:32
I mean the huge learning for both of us was you start from where you're at.

Warsha 11:36
Oh, you bet nice I like it.

Evan 11:38
And the podcast is up and running, we started writing the book and it became easier, it's fair to say. So, by the time we got to the second draft was like, oh okay, we can do this, we can so totally do this.

Warsha 11:49

Evan 11:50
We're now having fun.

Warsha 11:51
So, as the year progressed, challenging as it kept getting, we also kept adding things to do.

Evan 11:58

Warsha 11:59
And it kept getting busier. I know it's never a great time to fall off a horse and crack your head open but you know what, lesson to learn from there as well because if you come out of that. Oh, my goodness.

Evan 12:08
Yeah, it's possible.

Warsha 12:09
The world keeps looking brighter and brighter.

Evan 12:12

Warsha 12:13

So, thank you so much for sticking on and supporting us through this entire journey for listening to us, ramble on and sharing our thoughts with you sharing a slice of our life with you.

Evan 12:28
And looking forward to next year.

Warsha 12:29
You bet.

Evan 12:30
Podcast lots planned there.

Warsha 12:33
So, building on the foundation of 2020. We are now looking forward to an even brighter.

Evan 12:39

Warsha 12:40
Next year.

Evan 12:41
Guests and thought leaders in their space.

Warsha 12:44

Evan 12:45
So, we promised we would get you lots of entrepreneurial and founder stories, and those are now on the cards and being planned. And the other thing Warsha.

Warsha 12:52
Yes, the other thing is, starting January, we are introducing a podcast series called Five tips from the Five Elements.

Evan 13:03
From the five elements. Yes, absolutely.

Warsha 13:04
Now you may or may not remember that the entire Dare to Scale coaching methodology is built on the five bricks or the five elements of business. So, each month we're going to tackle a particular element or a particular brick and dig deep and bring out the five key action points, five key tips, to implement to assess and to review what that element looks like within your businesses, so we're starting to, we're looking forward to introducing that new series, along with the guests Evan talked about.

Evan 13:36
How exciting.

Warsha 13:37
It is.

Evan 13:38
Absolutely exciting.

Warsha 13:39
So, continuing to bring what the next year brings.

Evan 13:42

Warsha 13:43
So, it just to go back and to see what were those milestones and what were the actions more than the milestones, what were the actions taken, act fast.

Evan 13:52
Act fast.

Warsha 13:52
Assess your business model.

Evan 13:54
Assess the business model yeah.

Warsha 13:57

Invest in yourself, bring the right people together invest in your people.

Evan 14:01
Invest in your people.

Warsha 14:02
And bring together the people, plans and processes.

Evan 14:06

Warsha 14:07
Step outside your comfort zone.

Evan 14:09
Step outside your comfort zone, start from where you're at.

Warsha 14:11
Start from where you're at. And that is exactly what we did and we're so grateful that we did. So, despite having survived an interesting time in my life. The fact is, we continue to do.

Evan 14:24

Warsha 14:25
What was necessary for the business. So, despite the setbacks that we've had this year.

Evan 14:30

Warsha 14:31
And just as the setbacks that a lot of you have had this year. The fact is you continue to take action, and you continue to win throughout so for that we congratulate you as well.

Evan 14:43

Warsha 14:44

So, there's a lot in store for next year. Because the one of the most important things for Evan and me to do is to make sure that we extend the support, we extend that hand of support to the entrepreneurs, to the founders, to business owners who we

Evan 15:00

Warsha 15:01
Work with, so that they achieve the dreams, that they Dare to see.

Evan 15:08
Absolutely, and have that courage to pursue them.

Warsha 15:11
Have the courage to pursue them. So, continue to dream big.

Evan 15:15

Warsha 15:16
Continue to Dare.

Evan 15:17

Warsha 15:18
Because the sun is gonna shine again, tomorrow morning, and bring in a brand-new year.

Evan 15:23
Indeed, so we wish you the most awesome 2021 have happy celebrations be safe.

Warsha 15:30

Evan 15:31
And we will resume the conversation, next month.

Warsha 15:32
Bye for now.

Evan 15:33
See ya.

Warsha 15:34
Happy, happy, happy new year to everybody.

Evan 15:36
Happy New Year indeed. Bye.

Warsha 15:37

Warsha 15:40
Hey hey hey, thanks for joining us and listening, right till the end.

Evan 15:45
Get on over to daretoscale.fm to subscribe and access show notes and transcriptions.

Warsha 15:51
Oh also, did you know that we have a Facebook page for our podcast listeners. Come join the conversations at daretoscale.fm/facebook.

Evan 16:02
Absolutely, oh and also remember to give us a five-star review so other entrepreneurs can find this podcast like you, and get value to scale forward their business.

Warsha 16:10
Fabulous, we will see you at our next show. Bye for now.

Evan 16:14

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