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Episode 29

Masters Spotlight Series: Sagarika Sahoo

In this exciting edition of the Masters' Spotlight, we are in conversation with Sagarika Sahoo, Founder of Commerce Connect, a company that design develops and provides tools that allow businesses to connect with their customers, drive sales and build long term relationships.

An award-winning entrepreneur, adventurous explorer, wonderful mom and a complete foodie (like most of us!) Sagarika proves that there is so much more to her than just being the founder of Commerce Connect. She also shares how significant every experience is, but most of all, how she sees so much value and learns so many lessons from every person she encounters.

Episode Highlights:
  • Your Net Worth is your Network!
  • Being agile in business – seeing an opportunity & making decisions.
  • What the Masters' Spotlight 3 Ds mean to her – Disrupt, Discern, Decide.
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Episode Transcript
Evan Le Clus 00:01
Hello, you are listening to the Dare to Scale Show with me Evan.

Warsha Joshi 00:05
And me Warsha. This show is about all things scaling, scaling your business, your journey and you.

Evan Le Clus 00:14
You're here because you dare to dream dead to dream big. So, sit back and enjoy the conversation, or perhaps even join in.

Warsha Joshi 00:27
Okay, we are bringing you another episode of the Master Series and guess what, we have a trailblazer today with us as our guests, we are so privileged to welcome Sagarika Sahoo, who is the founder of Commerce Connect. Sagarika is making waves in an industry not so well known, in a way it's not something that we talk about in our everyday lives and yet, here is a woman who is making waves over there, and we will find out exactly how and what she does. It is our privilege, again to welcome Sagarika to the show. Sagi, welcome to the Dare To Scale show.

Sagarika Sahoo 01:07
Thank you so much for Warsha and Evan and thank you also to the Dare To Scale platform for having me here today. It's an honor.

Evan Le Clus 01:15
Totally Sagarika, and it's an absolute pleasure to have you welcome. So, you've been doing the entrepreneur thing for a long time? What got you into entrepreneurship in the first place?

Sagarika Sahoo 01:26
Wow, that's an amazing question and gets back a lot of beautiful memories. I think it started all way back when I was in college days, I used to always get attracted to people and things that could be done around individual projects or individual work and entrepreneurship is all about building yourself in your own sphere and your own space, and is growing and expanding out there and I think when my job was took off in Dubai, that was an amazing experience that got me more closer to entrepreneurship because the projects that I've worked, I've always been working on projects more than just a regular nine to five job and I think that's where the entrepreneurship skills stepped in.

Evan Le Clus 02:12
Oh, wow and in terms of that, your particular niche got you involved with that.

Sagarika Sahoo 02:18
My particular niche, I was always I'm I think I'm a very people's person and I love being around people and I think that this attracts me to events and what I love about events is that it's a project and every day is a new day because you're interacting with different people, you're interacting with different concepts. It just helps you to be alive every day and that's what I love about my career.

Evan Le Clus 02:41
Yeah, that's amazing and in terms that you said, very people person and the name of your business is Commerce Connect. So, what does that mean?

Sagarika Sahoo 02:49
For me, I would like to go back to my name and my name is Sagarika and in Hindi Sagarika means Sagar is the ocean and Sagarika means daughter of the ocean and the oceans connect continents and when I was sitting with my dad, one day, he beautifully explained to me my name and why they had kept my name and when I move forward in life to coming to name my company, I don't know it just happened. I was at DD, they asked me what name would you like, and I said Commerce Connect and there, the connect also comes in. So, the bridge, the connections, everything just fell in place and seven years down the line. When I look back today, I'm so proud that I kept the name Commerce Connect because it's all about connecting businesses and it's all about connections. It's all about being that bridge to help people and businesses grow to the next level and that's what I love about my name, the company's name Commerce Connect and how Sagarika integrates into that.

Warsha Joshi 03:49
Yeah, beautiful and such a wonderful explanation, not just of the name, but how that evolution of the name for your company came about. So true about what you really do over there as well. Thank you for explaining that. And while we've known each other for a while, I never actually asked you and I'm glad Evan asked, what is Commerce Connect and why Commerce Connect? And what do you do over there? And you mentioned Sagi earlier, you mentioned the word events and it's very, it's quite natural for our listeners to think oh, yeah, okay, event management. That's not what you really do because what you do is and the scale at which you do and there are so many other things, other industries that you're involved in, that sets you apart. So, tell us a little bit more about that.

Sagarika Sahoo 04:34
Sure. I think people associate events with just networking. Yes, that's just not what events is all about events more in depth for a company who is looking to strategize a particular event and what is the return on investment? What is that ROI that they're looking for? Is it that they're launching a new product, they want to enter a new market? Do they want to act with their buyers and suppliers do they want just to be known out there, are they doing a celebration, there's so much that is involved in an event and when we work with our clients, our first primary focus is on the ROI? Why is my client doing this event? And I feel sometimes that I just tell my clients don't even need an event and I actually dissuade them from doing an event and concentrate on a more b2b meeting, or a personalized event, or a meeting that will actually get them from point A to point B. So that's very important, because an event, again, is a bridge and why that bridge is being created as to understand it, from our perspective is very, very important and so that's where we fit in with events and as we speak, now, the pandemic has taught me a lot of stuff that the third-party events are there, but we are launching our own products and our own events. So that's helping us to move to a different level altogether.

Warsha Joshi 05:54
Look at you, that's brilliant. I am interested in what you said earlier, about events are bridges. Talk to us a little bit more about that, because that intrigued me, I've never, I've never heard anybody say those two words in the same sentence. There are different ways and connotations of that. But I love how you said it so eloquently.

Sagarika Sahoo 06:16
So, the reason why I feel it's a bridge, because that's the platform that we give people and businesses to be out there in the world that the way they want to showcase themselves and Commerce Connect actually, is that bridge is that platform, which will help them exactly to reach where they want to go and I feel its events is such a beautiful world out there because it's so interesting. It's so evolving. It's so different in every style. So, if you actually go for any event, even maybe the same company does the event every year, but every year you find it so different. So, you're not crossing the same bridge every time maybe your expectations to cross that bridge is the same. But you'll always find it something different and something that own perfect is there in every event and that's what I love about the whole event scenario. Yes.

Warsha Joshi 07:06
Brilliant and you do events at a massive scale as well.

Sagarika Sahoo 07:10
Yes, we do both smaller events, as well as large scale seminars, conferences. exhibitions are something that we are looking into now to start as commerce connects brand. But yes, it's all about different types of events that are coming across in our in our scenario.

Warsha Joshi 07:26
Yeah, and I know, you're a regular panelist on so many events, especially representing your industry, you're a speaker, that before we go into that, opening up that aspect and talking about you as an entrepreneur, I want to take you back seven years ago, or maybe even beyond to say, when was the first time that you thought you did something and I thought and realized that hmm, this is what entrepreneurship is all about. Hmm, yeah, I don't think I'm cut out for a job. Or I love that hustle. So, what's your earliest memory that you maybe you've witnessed something or you actually did something? Tell us a little bit about that?

Sagarika Sahoo 08:10
Well, this takes me way back more in my memory lane than just seven years. I was in college, and we were studying and I had friends from the obviously I studied, I did my I did my become with accountancy honors first, then went on to do my post-graduation in advertising and PR and after I finished that I continued to do another post-graduation and foreign trade. While I was doing my foreign trade, I was approached by a particular hotel, to launch their, one of their outlets and I said Hey, why not? Because I've come from an advertising and PR background. This is a first event ever and it was surprising that we were teenagers, like literally teenagers, I wouldn't say okay, a little more than teenagers. But yeah, we were young, and we three of us who got through, got together. One of one of my friends are journalists. The other guy is from the media line. He works with the publication in India and me. We got together and said let's do this event and we were a little worried and we said, our college crowd, we get 2000 kids easily, you know for this event and surprisingly we got registered for 3500 people and wow and it is one of the hilltops and the sponsors were giving us like I'll give you an example one of the sponsors giving us two vehicles to be given for free. When he saw the crowd, he gave us three vehicles. By the time we had the event that night, we had police come in because we had 5000 plus people and we don't know how all the colleges were there and it's like, wow, that's I think that was a tipping point of me saying that, yes, we can do events and we should do it. Coming back to Dubai. I came here and started working for the government for good nine years as I was working with the government very, very happy with the government. But then I realized that was that oomph effect, in fact that I wanted to make a change and create my own one lineage, If I may say, and that legacy, I got it in Commerce Connect. So that's how, actually, I mean, after so many years, I'm talking about this incident. Until now, when three of us get together, we discussed the money that we earned. While we didn't happen. Really amazing.

Warsha Joshi 10:23
Yeah, I know, this is a podcast, but if only our listeners could see your face and the way it is completely lit up with such immense pride and the energy and those happy times that not only did you step into entrepreneurship like this, but oh my god, it really was a go bigger go home scenario, and you totally went big and no wonder you do what you do today because if that's your starting point, look at you amazing,

Sagarika Sahoo 10:53
Because I think go what I have in that, at that time, I realized what my passion was, and probably with working in a nine to five job, but somehow got just integrated into the system. But when I actually want to start my own business and hang on a minute, this is where my passion is, and this is what I should exactly start off with. Yeah, and that's what started off.

Warsha Joshi 11:12
Yeah, yeah. What are some of those things that you learned in that one experience, the first experience? So, what are some of the things that you learned, which you said, we're definitely doing these things again, and we're definitely not doing it like this again. You know, we all learn from our experiences, what were some other learnings that you took, then that you still carry forward today?

Sagarika Sahoo 11:33
My first and foremost, one is about, as I mentioned, always is about people and I, when three of us collaborate, it was the most beautiful experience, I mean, three of us from getting our strengths on the table, understanding what our weaknesses are, and ensuring that each of us, quote unquote, cover up for each other's weaknesses. So, I think that's something that was really an amazing experience. What I take forward from that experience was, honestly, it was not about the money. So, a lot of businesses today, I want to see, I agree, it is numbers at the end of the day. But not everything has to be about numbers. It is an integral part. But it is not the part, if I will put in for us that experience was amazing and the way I say the collaboration was one thing, the second thing was the experience and when you create such experiences still now when we go back, we're way back, go back 2030 years, we still discuss it and say, Hey, hang on a minute, remember that date, we are all in touch and it's a beautiful experience that taught us to move forward in our respective journeys and I think the third, and the most important thing, what I've taken forward into the business, is understanding that a business need not be in a box and I'm sure that my businesses just grow organically. Yeah, oh, my four verticals have just come up stronger because of purely because of the connections because of what we do with integrity and honesty. Yeah, and I think that is beautiful, which I learned that you need to move forward with that essence, keeping that in mind.

Warsha Joshi 13:18
Oh, wow, that two things that you said earlier, it's, when you run a business, of course, you got to make a profit, of course, it is about numbers and yet, that's not the be all end all of it. That's something that happens naturally, when you run a well-managed business or a well-managed event. It is that experience it is bringing those people together. So, it is wonderful to hear you say this and I know both Evan and I 100% believe in this it eventually it is about the network that you build as the people that you build, and people that you take together with you get

Evan Le Clus 13:52
Therein lies the magic, right? therein lies the magic, of course,

Sagarika Sahoo 13:55
I will share what experience is to say I had gone on an event to South Africa, where I was on stage with 3500 people and this was I think, if I'm not mistaken in 2014 or 2015, I think 2015 and I was talking on stage in South Africa and I think four months back, I met up with this lady in Dubai and she's like, Aren't you the one who spoke in South Africa and she said you touched my life because of this one particular says statement I said that the world is your oyster and it just left an impact on her I was surprised to meet her after five years and by experience with her that you know, the courage to the next level. So yes, people whom you do meet and events somewhere do leave a mark in your life.

Warsha Joshi 14:41
They do indeed they do and how wonderful it is that you actually bumped into her and not just that it's just you never know who's watching. You never know what people are taking away from an interaction. So, you said something and of course there's so much so much depth in that statement, the world is your oyster and that's something that's true for us all, every single person on this earth and yet, somebody probably needed to hear that someone say it and for her at that minute, suddenly the world did become her oyster. Yeah, such a brilliant impact that you created over there and I love what you said and just before we started recording, I know, we were talking about alignment in values when you work with people and I know that's important for you. It's who you work with, and who you collaborate with and that very strong, ethical way of working, these are some of those big values that you hold, dear and I know how you work, and I'll just, we were talking about something and I just, I was very happy blindly to just say, yes, if you're saying it's okay. I mean, it was that simple.

Sagarika Sahoo 15:49
Thank you for having that confidence.

Warsha Joshi 15:53
Totally, absolutely because that's how you run a business and I know that,

Evan Le Clus 15:58
I mean, that that really does make you that modern, courageous leader because value-based businesses and being run that way is so vitally important and, in your space, as we move on, and being that courageous and modern leader, there are three spaces we always like to talk about and that's a little bit of disruption, and, you know, discernment and decision. Can you tell us a little bit about your industry and how you're finding disruption and what you're doing to enable that?

Sagarika Sahoo 16:27
I think the event industry has always been evolving and we've seen disruption happening. But I feel the disruption is for the betterment of the industry completely because earlier, we will talk about physical events and people going across the globe to work. Today it's about online events and we are back to hybrid events in Dubai. So, disruption is important and I feel personally that the more the industry disrupts, the more opportunities arise and I'm glad that I'm in an industry which is ever moving and ever evolving, that we can get an opportunity to get out of the football ground, and operate in a space that all of us needed for

Evan Le Clus 17:11
Make a new football ground. Why not, no, I love it and one of the interesting things that just for our viewers, we know that you are very well connected and some of that may go back to when you were actually working with government, you're very well connected over there and you're very modest about it and you've not actually mentioned it yet. So, in part of that disruption, how are you working with government in Dubai to actually make those changes and make Dubai well UAE, accessible to outside firms?

Sagarika Sahoo 17:40
So, for me, what is very interesting about being in Dubai, I think I'm very, very blessed because Dubai is the hub for the market, I operated in, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East market and these markets are a beautiful melting point in Dubai. It's not about whom I know, it's about who I know, and who knows them. So, what happens is when I'm going for a particular meeting, and next meeting, and he says, Hey, hang on a minute, I want you to meet x plus y present and I'm like, really, okay, fine, let's, let's have this conversation and I feel that the value that I bring as an international business strategist, also is that I'm able to build those consortiums and that's the reason why my second business apart from events, what we do as a business consultant, is get those consortiums up and running. So, if people want to do business across globes across different continents and countries, I'm able to help them source it and that's the value add, I bring into a deal and that's what I love about it, because we are what they are dealing with an African subcontinent the other they are dealing with the Latin America. So, it's like very varied, and yet very, very framed by very homebound. Yeah. So that's where I see the melting point.

Evan Le Clus 18:56
I mean, that is so powerful. I mean, I know there is confidentiality, and then stuff, but you are that connector and that enabler and it's just so powerful. So, thank you for talking a little bit about that because we're also very privileged as well to be in Dubai. It is a tremendous hub and there's so much happening, you know, and obviously come in through Dubai. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Sagarika Sahoo 19:20
Yeah, and I would like to add to that, also, the UAE in whole, I find this really, really interesting, because if you see every Emirate that we have, it's got its unique points and that's what we're loving about being in Dubai, being in the UAE, that we are able to capture that whole sense of the whole Emirate and get it out there.

Warsha Joshi 19:42
Very well said and every Emirate brings its own wonderful flavor. That makes this such a beautiful melting pot where we all call home and many people who live outside the region don't actually realize not just modern, but how dynamic this place is, yeah, and how much activity that happens over here and it you got to see it to believe it and we are recording this podcast today. Of course, the podcast will be brought out by the time our listeners hear this, it'll be a couple of weeks or a few weeks. I want to share though; Today marks 25 years of me being here.

Sagarika Sahoo 20:25
Oh wonderful! 20 of mine.

Warsha Joshi 20:27
So, there you go. I love this place. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. This place has taught me so much. You don't you'd say this in Hindi, or it's like your Karma Bhoomi. This is where we realize our dreams. This is where we put in that hard work, blood, sweat and tears to build a life and in, in a sense, contribute to the place where you live in because every person makes this place. Wonderful the way it is. So, I'm so glad you're talking about this because would you believe I've actually lived in three Emirates, I've lived in Abu Dhabi. I lived in Dubai, lived in Sharjah and yes, every place has its own wonderful flavors and I still have people I've connected with all those years ago and it's lovely with Friday mornings is that fond memory that comes back Friday mornings when the roads that empty you go for a drive in another Emirate and it's like you arrived at a whole another different country and they still have those little tea shops that we would stop to have tea and coffee and, in the evenings, or falafel. So ah, this is such a beautiful place to live.

Sagarika Sahoo 21:34
I'm surprised you're saying that because I go for my drives at 5am too, so how come we have not caught up at the same place. Yeah, but Warsha you hit the nail there and this also being my Karma Bhoomi as what we call, I was quite impressed that even India reached out to me to give me an award for the 50 most influential women in the MICE industry and what I love about Dubai, is that the information shared across the globe is so beautiful, because they just recognize me for the work I'm doing here and also work with India. But it is an amazing feeling in 2019 when this happened.

Warsha Joshi 22:08
I'm glad you mentioned that because I was going to pick that up and say, tell us about that because not everybody can claim that title. So, tell me how did that come about.

Sagarika Sahoo 22:17
So that came about because of particular clients that we help. They wanted to expand to I think the agreement, this dotted line signed agreement was for expanding them into 25 countries and within three years, and we have them expand to 30 countries within three years. That was amazing for all their events, etc and that's why I got the 50 most influential women in the MICE industry, because we could reach out for their brand to 30 countries, but your time slot that we gave them. So obviously that led to a lot of other ripple effects in the industry. Yeah, that's true.

Warsha Joshi 22:54
Oh, yeah, totally, totally does and I know we've been talking focusing mainly on the on the events industry you do you also have a play a very strong role in the logistics industry, don't you?

Sagarika Sahoo 23:07
The logistics industry is something that the pandemic has got onto my platter and that's something that I'm launching very soon. That should be up by beginning of Jan 2022 and that's something which is another passion of mine because when I started my career with DP World, I must say that that was something which is kept in the back of my mind, not deleted from my to do list, but it's always been there. So that's something that is really kind of come up and it's going to be really, really beautiful,

Warsha Joshi 23:37
Ever the entrepreneur looking for opportunities and spotting opportunities and making the most of it. So absolutely brilliant.

Sagarika Sahoo 23:44
I love to share an incident here is with one of the coaches who actually is from Texas in Dallas, and he was sitting with me and we're discussing on business and you know, everything that goes around this particular topic and he just said me that Sagi, why are you restricting yourself only to events, and you already have a such a big opportunity lined up for yourself and that is a tipping point for me saying that, yes. Why am I restricting myself? And when I came back, so there's so many opportunities there and thoroughly, my two companies just came into form and we just move forward with so many products, if I may put it somehow related to the industry somehow related to the business strategist side. But that's something that really if I took it forward, yeah.

Evan Le Clus 24:33
I love what you're saying there and what I'm also hearing again, because we've known each other for some time is you don't just blindly take a leap. You think about it, and you're actually very discerning about what you say yes to. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Sagarika Sahoo 24:49
Yeah, I think it comes also with my career or what I do. As we started off, I started off as a market researcher. So, for me, market research is very, very important. Whenever I'm doing anything and yes, if I see a potential there and there is growth, I'm like, why not? And somehow opportunities have always been on my side and when those opportunities do come up, I do see a great amount of potential in it and once you do see a potential, as I mentioned earlier, that yes, there has to be profits included, but with the profits also comes as What are you creating out there? What is the legacy you are leave behind? And I think every business that we do, we do want it to be a legacy that we are leaving behind and for me, that plays a more crucial role. So maybe some of my businesses today are on a scale to one to 10, maybe on a two, maybe an eight, maybe on a seven, but I see all of them over time reaching their highest potential.

Evan Le Clus 25:49
I totally love it. And, like you say, it's not about the money and yet profit is included daily, that just goes without saying. So, it really is you're very connected to your why, sort of what you want to achieve in the long term and that's actually wonderful to hear that I'd like to say very connected to it and heading in that direction. Oftentimes, when things get tough owners or founders can forget that.

Sagarika Sahoo 26:10
But I've always I think, yes, I've gone through my ups and downs. But the thing that sticks to me is always that the tough times don't last tough people do and I come in the second bracket of being there. So I think I've always learned to accept this is it, and let's move forward. You do look back for lessons. But I would never take a step back. That's for sure and I just want to learn this is it and let's go forward and that's what I love about being as an entrepreneur, you can afford to do that. You can always afford to move forward and keep learning on from this.

Evan Le Clus 26:42
No, I love it. Absolutely love it and in terms of that, being agile, I think it's something else that you're very good at seeing the opportunity and being able to move with the market and as far as that goes, there's there's obviously a lot of decision points that you might actually get to tell us a little bit about the space, when you are deciding what it is that's important to you.

Sagarika Sahoo 27:04
I think a cup of coffee helps me take decisions. I think I'm very, very blessed, and very blessed to have beautiful people around me. As I said, it's all about connections. So, when I'm in a point where I have to take a decision, all I do is say ask someone, hey, guys, oh, hi, do you want to have a cup of coffee, sit across the table, because I am not an expert in whatever I do. But I have people around me who are experts, and who give me different viewpoints and I love hearing different viewpoints for any business or any work that I want to do because what happens is when you hear other people's perspectives, I'm not saying that you have to agree or disagree with them. But when you hear different perspectives, it just gives you more opportunities and more eyes into the same subject and I think that helps me take decisions faster, better and more sensibly because the people around me is what lifts me up more and more and I think I give that credit to the people around me.

Warsha Joshi 28:04
Very nice. I want to take you back to what you said earlier. Tough times don't last tough people do. Oh, beautiful, beautifully said absolutely beautifully said, take us back to a time when this was so true for you and the first time you realize that that's actually happened to me.

Sagarika Sahoo 28:25
Oh, a lot of it. I think we've talked on the personal side. Yes, I am a single mom right now and I think that lesson taught me that it is about me now. It's not about everything around me. I mean, everything around me is important. But it's time for me to grow and bloom as a person and I realized what's important for me is it's my journey and I need to acknowledge that. But the first thing and when I told him that this is it, I meant like yeah, it is this is it. We all go through failures, there's no doubt about it, and we all get our ups and downs, but you're in the down is what is the self-talk that you're doing to yourself? Are you taking yourself more down and getting depressed? Or are you picking yourself and saying, no, this is what I want to do and this is where I see myself going, the road can change, but the goal will always remain out there. So, my goal was to bring up my beautiful two daughters who have now 17 and 16 and then you have to make them beautiful humans along with the value system that I have and I knew that goal could be achieved if I'm continue staying in Dubai, continue living the way I want to live. So, I started learning that this failure of mine was to start living life in my terms and my terms. I'm not saying be rebellious, at the same time, acknowledge that I have my own wants, needs, goals, aspirations, and will myself that way and the only way I can get tough is to acknowledge and say that that's me, and let me move forward in the most beautiful way. I can be to myself,

Warsha Joshi 30:01
What an inspiration you are being to your daughters right now.

Sagarika Sahoo 30:05
Yeah, they are, my older daughters already started her own little mental health club and she's working on it and I'm so proud of that.

Warsha Joshi 30:14
Fantastic of what this is just such a wonderfully articulated way of. So here we are talking about work and business and entrepreneurship and yet, you brought in an aspect that many people rarely talk about, and what it's like being a single mom, and yet, being so strong, so inspirational, and so individualistic and unafraid to be individualistic, but because in many societies We are, we are brought up to not be individualistic to not shine on our own and yet, that is, if we don't shine on our own. How did we ever think we can hold the light for someone else? Because you absolutely You must come first,

Sagarika Sahoo 31:00
So true, Warsha because coming from a, from a space that I see myself, we all are in our life journey and sometimes we need our Earth Angels around us, who guide us, inspire us, talk to us, make us decide as if God said, but sometimes you need to be someone's Earth Angel, and you need a guiding light, you need to be that person who can handhold had the person move to the next level and I think as all humans out here, we have to be that connector, to actually get us connected to our own Earth Angel and that side of where we want to guide, or we want to be the light or we want to be someone who has to be handheld and I think that's what I love about life. I mean, it's so beautiful.

Evan Le Clus 31:45
They're completely in. I love your reframe and it really is things are happening for you. It's all happening to me kind of thing. So, when you say it's about being mentally tough and tough times don't last tough people do. I just love that reframe. And, dare I say a little unusual, and particularly when you're raising daughters single mum. Kudos. Amazing.

Sagarika Sahoo 32:08
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Evan Le Clus 32:10
So, we can take you back just a little bit. With some of these sorts of tough times. Was there anything you had to unlearn? And so, you know, that really doesn't serve me anymore. leave that behind?

Sagarika Sahoo 32:21
Honestly, I have never unlearned anything. What in that unlearning has been I've picked up lessons, said that, This is a lesson I learned from this and moving forward. I do a lot of self-talk. So, moving forward, I said this is something I would never do again and I put in my conscious mind and inserted into my subconscious mind that this is something I would never want myself to do again. So yes, on unlearning and relearning. I think it's more about the lessons that come across, and how we want to carry it forward in our lives and move forward. So that's the way I look at it. Yeah.

Evan Le Clus 32:59
Fantastic and again, it's self-talk it's just such a wonderful and simple reframe. Love it.

Warsha Joshi 33:04
Self-talk. You said, you talk to yourself a lot. I find it very difficult to talk to myself. I'm not a note taker. I'm not a doodler. I'm not a I'm not a self-talker. I don't quite get it. Tell me more.

Sagarika Sahoo 33:20
Oh, I love talking to myself. I think I'm in my bed. As it is I talk so much. But yeah, you know, Warsha, sometimes I think we all have for every situation, we always have two opinions, the one which you think is right, and the one which you think is wrong and sometimes this way, the double talk happens in my head. When I say it aloud, and I talk to myself about it, I realize that something doesn't sound right and then I know exactly which is the right talk for me, and which is the right step for me. Also, I realized that when I hear my own voice, and when I'm repeating of what I'm thinking, it actually comes out of my mind into reality and those are the things that I manifest accordingly. So, when I'm thinking in my mind is just a thought. But when I set out in the universe, it comes out as a manifestation and I've actually seen some of my manifestations come through today in Dubai when I own my own house, and I have my own car debt free completely and I just can't believe I've reached here after having a negative not I never had a negative balance. But yeah, having a very low balance. It's like surprising that you know, the self-talks actually help you on certain projects. Would you assume that, oh, I can never do this. Oh, Sagi you can? Okay, what do you need to do this? So, when I do these talks to myself, when I say what do I need to do for this, I get a list of 10 things that I can do actually and it's not just in my mind, say, hang on a minute, that was an idea, rubbish, put in the back burner. So, I feel a lot of self talk for all of us, especially entrepreneurs, because you're out there by yourself and you always constantly need to have inspiration and who else can be your best inspiration other than yourself? I'm not saying I'm always on the high, I do have my low points.

Warsha Joshi 35:08
Oh, do say it, because that's what I'm getting over here, because you hit the nail on the head, please continue.

Sagarika Sahoo 35:14
Yeah. So, when you have your low points in life, you're able to bounce back faster and that's what helps you and then I go back to reality saying on the waves, I'm an ocean, and the waves will reach the shore and if one of them was going to reach and achieve what I have, I've got for myself, with my-self talk, I have my-self songs, also, I must admit, I have a feeling better, I'm better. So when I when I am, in my low moments, I literally I go from the 5am rides, I go for 10pm rides and luckily, my daughters also join me, I have this set of music that I have to listen, and it just makes me go out in a different mode altogether. So myself solves myself talk myself love, I do some certain things, which is this story, because I love myself so much. So, I just have to do those things. I just go out, do my restaurants do my places that I want to do? So it is about me? Yes. I would not deny that. Yeah.

Warsha Joshi 36:12
And no, should you Oh, my goodness, again, I go back to how certain things that certain cultures and societies that we grew up with, that it's not about you should never be about you and sometimes it is taken as a selfish thing to do. But I totally disagree because it must be about you because if you don't put that love that faith, that belief in yourself, how do you even expect to do anything in the world? And how do you expect to either lead somebody or take someone with you, if you don't show it first. So as a leader, as a person, that is the best thing you can do and look at this, there's a shining example who is proud of it, and so unafraid and that shows in everything that you do.

Sagarika Sahoo 37:01
Yeah, I think that inspiration, I must give the credit to my dad, because my dad has made it general in the Indian Army and that's one lesson that he taught me that, you know, even if you are alone, because he has gone for wars, he's done a lot of postings, you know, which are, he has to be alone, but yet, be a part of the whole group. So that's something that he actually invited in me and my sister, that even you have to stand up for yourself, you have to be there for yourself, you have to stand up alone. But always remember that you are a part of a society, your part of a group, your part of an community that needs to be there and that integration of a self with a society is so important and I think that I would give him the credit for that perfectly fine. Yeah.

Warsha Joshi 37:50
That that kudos and applause to your dad. How brilliant?

Evan Le Clus 37:55
Absolutely. I completely love it. Sagi, you mentioned 5am 10pm, you know, it's like tools down, you're doing something else other than like, enjoying the nighttime and the lights and all the rest. What do you do in your spare time?

Sagarika Sahoo 38:11
Oh, in my spare time, I love looking at new things that are happening across the globe because today, it's not about knowledge. It's all about experiences and when you're actually looking around you, you see there's so much happening and that's something that really attracts me. So, there'll be times when I'm just on my laptop looking at something which is in space, or it's about some event, maybe something about certain books. I just love all those spaces that you know, which can keep empowering me and sometimes just sitting out in the garden looking at the stars or seven powers visa, I'm like, I'm extreme. I couldn't put myself again in any box saying that Okay, fine. This is the only thing I do in my spare time. There are days where I just go to the beach and I don't want to see anybody around me. I just need the waves and I just want to sit there. I go to Ras Al Khaimah, I go to anywhere Fujairah I can go to Dubai beaches and the days where I need like 10 people around me. Hi, guys, come on. Let's have a party and let's enjoy. So yeah, I think there is a Sagi, me alone time Sagi and there is a Sagi, which is totally with bounds and people around. So, I think it's like yo-yo, if I put it and sometimes all about books, I wouldn't touch a podcast and right now, I'm in that phase and some days about no books near me. I'm just hearing listening, watching YouTube's around me. So, I think it just comes with what I just feel like doing.

Evan Le Clus 39:44
Amazing. I know you're a bit of a foodie, which is your favorite cuisine.

Sagarika Sahoo 39:48
Favorite. I don't have one. I can have six.

Evan Le Clus 39:53
That's why I asked you because I'm know you're a foodie if you ask us the same question, we couldn't tell you.

Sagarika Sahoo 39:59
Oh, Dubai is spoils you

Warsha Joshi 40:04
It does.

Sagarika Sahoo 40:06
The Michelin star chef attendees that are done right to a street food. I enjoy everything, because I feel the food is a happy soul. But it gives me It gives in a happy space. I love food. It's lovely and especially sometimes when I go to these restaurants and many hear how they have come about it, it is so beautiful. I mean, the journey of getting those food over here. But having said that, it would be injustice where we just say any kind of food right? In the Chinese mode, and I get into Thai food that is totally only Indian for a week. So I think I enjoy all cuisine as long as it's perishable. Like I love to eat it. Yeah.

Evan Le Clus 40:49
Wow. Okay, so along with food. I mean, we can't wait to get on a plane and travel again. Where's the next place you're going to go to?

Sagarika Sahoo 40:57
Oh, the next place that I really wanted to go to is we just went Egypt, December 2019 and the pyramids really attracted me. Honestly, I didn't read about it. Before I went. I would love to go back there again. The reason being is there's something very soulful about that place and about the whole Nile cruise that we did. I would love to go back there again, and experience at once more.

Evan Le Clus 41:25
Such an ancient culture. Well, I've not been there and in fact, we've not been there yet. Yet, because we will. No, it just it's wonderful to hear that it's such a rich experience. I mean, I hear Alexandria, and along the Delta up there is actually beautiful as well.

Sagarika Sahoo 41:40
Yeah, I love Egypt. I mean, the history and the culture out there is so amazing and especially all the eras that it has gone through as Egyptian culture. I mean, that's one place, I would love to go back and visit revisited again after I have already read about their history. So, something lovely, yeah.

Evan Le Clus 41:57
Fabulous. Love it. Very nice.

Warsha Joshi 42:00
And I have to ask you this because every single time we've done a master series episode, this is something that we want to hear from you. We all have an 'I Dare to' statement. Yeah, what is yours?

Sagarika Sahoo 42:15
My 'I Dare to' statement is building communities. Over my last 10 years of my work, I've realized that your network is your net worth and what you build is very important and I would like to step in and there to build communities, build communities that are strong, robust, and are very supportive in nature and that's the key of building communities in every industry and I look forward to building my community.

Warsha Joshi 42:45
Very nice. Oh, my goodness, what a conversation this has been. I know for a fact that there are people are going to be wanting to get in touch with you. After listening to this episode, where is the best place?

Sagarika Sahoo 43:00
LinkedIn, LinkedIn is my favorite place? Because I feel that's a very, very safe place and do reach out on LinkedIn. I'm available always there.

Warsha Joshi 43:09
Yeah, fantastic and listeners, as you know, we will absolutely place the link to Sagi's LinkedIn account and a link to the company websites as well in the show notes. Go connect with Sagi, because I think I started the episode with an introduction to Sagarika and I think we have we've added a few more descriptives to it. single mom, explorer, foodie, happiest person in the whole world with who always shares this generous smile with everybody spreads that immense positive energy to everyone around her. This is Sagarika, what a conversation

Sagarika Sahoo 43:53
Blush blush. It's an honor to be at the Dare To Scale platform and I love it over here every time I'm here and Dare To Scale teaches me how to go to the next level and I'm I love it every time. I think we met up like one and a half years back. Yes. Every time every six months, I see myself daring myself with a lot more stuff. I love that.

Warsha Joshi 44:17
Oh, you already have the daring in you. You already have that courage in you. You're just bringing it out and in phases because when the world is ready, that courage comes out and that's exactly what you're doing.

Sagarika Sahoo 44:29
Yes and thank you my Earth angels Evan and Warsha.

Warsha Joshi 44:34
Of course, because you are part of that beautiful community that surrounds us. So, thank you so much. Sagarika, thank you so much for your time. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with our listeners because I bet you just like that lady who heard you in South Africa and bumped into you and said, I love what you said that day. I know there are people who are going to be listening to this are going to take away so many little nuggets of every experience that you've shared over here as a trigger to keep going and to keep saying tough times don't last tough people do.

Sagarika Sahoo 45:12
Yes, they do. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Evan Le Clus 45:15
It's been an absolute pleasure. Absolutely and my big takeaway tough times don't last tough people do and it is a beautiful life. Thank you.

Warsha Joshi 45:23
You bet it is. On that note, thank you very much for joining us on this beautiful conversation that we've just had with Sagarika. We will see you next time and keep listening, keep growing and keep daring.

Evan Le Clus 45:38
See you next time.

Warsha Joshi 45:40
Thank you for joining us and for listening all the way through. To get the show notes, the transcription and of course to subscribe, visit daretoscale.fm.

Evan Le Clus 45:52
The success of the show is thanks to you. So please keep the five-star reviews coming. Remember to share this with your network and keep the community expanding. We'll catch you at our next episode and in the meantime, keep daring and keep growing

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