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Episode 8

Embrace a Positive, Productive 2021

Today, we're assessing the year that was and how we were able to check off massive milestones by making what seemed impossible, possible. Join us in our conversation as we talk about how utterly amazing the human spirit can be in times of crisis and what all business owners must remember as we move forward into the future.
"We are living in a time that is one of the biggest milestones in human history, we are here creating that history. All of us, every single one of us, it is one of the best times to be alive, times like these come only once every other generation, make the most of it. Because no matter what happens the sun will rise tomorrow morning, and the sun will shine tomorrow morning and there will be positivity hidden somewhere over there."
~ Warsha Joshi
Episode Highlights:
  • 4:18 – The year of adaptability.
  • 5:01 – Thinking 10 steps ahead.
  • 5 :42 – A unique ability processed by all humans.
  • 9:42 – Problem solving in 20 minutes.
  • 10:38 – Parkinson's law.
  • 12:16 – Top 3 takeaways.
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Episode Transcript
Warsha 00:01
Welcome to the Dare to Scale Show with me Warsha.
Evan 00:05
And me Evan.
Warsha 00:06
So, what is Dare to Scale? Over the years that we've been coaching founders and business owners, much like yourselves, we've worked through a framework called Dare to Scale.

Evan 00:18
Dare to Scale indeed. That framework has helped loads of business owners. That is what this show is all about. So, put on your big picture thinking hat.

Warsha 00:28
Oh and your headphones, and come join us and enjoy the ride.

Evan 00:40
Hi and welcome to the show.

Warsha 00:42
Hello! The year that this is, as we step into December, first before we go any deeper into this show, we acknowledge that this has been a challenging year for nearly every single person.

Evan 00:56

Yes everybody

Warsha 00:57
On this earth, and a huge thank you first of all from Evan and me, personally, to that frontline team, those heroes, you all who have put in the time, effort, dedication, every single thing that you have done your selflessness, to help people.

Evan 1:18
Help people keep us safe.

Warsha 1:20
Help people keep us safe and just

Evan 1:21
Keep the wheels turning.

Warsha 1:22
Keep the wheels turning. Thank you. A huge thank you.

Evan 1:27
Thank you. Indeed.

Warsha 1:28
Because this year has also shown us so many things that we thought impossible are actually possible.

Evan 1:37

Warsha 1:38
This year has shown that, despite so many things that we all agree or don't agree on, we have come together, and despite all the social isolation, we have actually come together as people.

Evan 1:52
And I think we're coming out stronger.

Warsha 1:54
We are definitely coming out stronger, I do believe that.

Evan 1:57
For sure.

Warsha 1:58
Because there's so many things that have changed, isn't it because we never thought that working from home was a possibility. We never thought that was even a good thing.

Evan 2:06
Okay our business is working from home.

Warsha 2:08

Evan 2:09
And what we discovered was we actually could work better from home.

Warsha 2:12

Evan 2:13
Than we ever did and you know we've made those changes.

Warsha 2:15

Evan 2:16
And a lot of other business owners have learned that a change of management style is something we've already learned years ago.

Warsha 2:22

Evan 2:23
So they're getting to where they've now changed as well and it's more than acceptable, it actually works.

Warsha 2:28
It totally works and how many times has the big corporate world thought, we must jump on a plane to attend a meeting across the world, we must jump on a plane to sign something, we must jump on a plane to take a decision of some sort. And yet this year has shown us, that we can actually achieve the same thing, sitting at our desk.

Evan 2:52
Indeed, using technology that's 20 years old already.

Warsha 2:54
That too.

Evan 2:55
Those who video conferencing was like this big mystery, oooohhh you know.

Warsha 2:57

Evan 2:58
Now is completely okay.

Warsha 3:01
And it's just become part of our lives.

Evan 3:02
Of course.

Warsha 3:03
And we using time so much more smartly than we ever have.

Evan 3:08
Look our parents are even using video right?

Warsha 3:10
That is true.

Evan 3:11
So we are now having frequent.

Warsha 3:13
That is true.

Evan 3:14
Conversations with family, was like a phone call now we scheduling zoom calls, you know.

Warsha 3:20
Schools, classrooms have come online.

Evan 3:23
Ah and look hats off to parents.

Warsha 3:25
Hats off to parents.

Evan 3:26
The home education space it's been so challenging.

Warsha 3:30
Juggling work and home education. Oh goodness me. Hats off to the teachers who had a steep learning curve ahead of them.

Evan 3:37
Of course.

Warsha 3:38
This has been quite a year, a massive milestone year.

Evan 3:43
Oh, absolutely and look even customers right so.

Warsha 3:45

Evan 3:46
And even our household suddenly we're a big friend of ordering online.

Warsha 3:49

Evan 3:50
So there we used to be quite the trusting if you will, and we're finding it works.

Warsha 3:55
It works, it totally works.

Evan 3:57
It really works. And even look we even take away food right just how that's delivered and how there's the distancing and how you pay for it.

Warsha 4:04

Evan 4:05
And there's the tapping technology to pay for it in all these things that we've had for so long, suddenly made more sense.

Warsha 4:12
They do and do not so many business models have changed.

Evan 4:17

Warsha 4:18
So many industries, the way they function have changed. And I think the biggest thing that for me as a takeaway and I know for I'm not isolated on that, is this year has been all about adapting to what is required.

Evan 4:35

Warsha 4:36
It's been a year of adaptability if there was one.

Evan 4:38
And for the business owners we work with completely.

Warsha 4:41
It has and besides the fact that this year has been all about adaptability, there are a few things that both Evan and I have realised that we've always coached on this, we always strongly believed in this and we want to talk about those few things that were almost like a validation this year for us.

Evan 5:01
Of course, you know fortune favors the prepared mind or opportunity favors the prepared mind, and it is about thinking 10 steps ahead.

Warsha 5:10
Thinking 10 steps ahead.

Evan 5:12
And, I mean, all that means is, it is like chess.

Warsha 5:15

Evan 5:16
Right. It's never particularly good at chess, but all of those different pieces and working on what you can do and how you structure everything and then you sort of feel attacked faint and all that sort of thing. It's about strategy, right.

Warsha 5:27
Yes, it is all about strategy. No, I was just saying, every time we say things 10 steps ahead. The first thought is about chess. And to me, what is thinking 10 steps ahead. That's what life is all about.

Evan 5:41
That's absolutely true it's not just about business.

Warsha 5:42
It's just not just about business and it's not limited to playing chess so whether you play chess or not. The fact is, how much in advance, do you plan, and how detailed are your plans do you know before we go deeper into them, I want to address something here. Throughout the history of mankind. We have been through a lot.

Evan 6:04
Oh totally.

Warsha 6:05

We have survived wars, not just the wars in the past century but we have survived wars, we have survived illnesses, we have survived financial downturns.

Evan 6:18
Instant famine and everything.

Warsha 6:19

Evan 6:20
Everything in between

Warsha 6:20
Vertical upheavals

Evan 6:21


Warsha 6:22
We have survived, so much. Do you know why

Evan 6:24
No why is that

Warsha 6:26
We have come out of all this, and we've come out winners, because humans are resourceful.

Evan 6:32
They are resourceful, and particularly under pressure.

Warsha 6:35
And we are most creative under pressure.

Evan 6:37
Oh totally.

Warsha 6:38

So, some of the technology that we use some of the advancements that have happened that we take for granted today have all come through during times of crisis.

Evan 6:49
Absolutely. So, the technological space we live in now and I mean it's advancing very very quickly this boils all thing, you know every 18 months doubles, that sort of thing. But these technologies were invented during World War Two and World War One.

Warsha 7:03
Look at that.

Evan 7:04
You know, so that's the first recognisable instance of things like the jet engine was around World War Two, and mobile phones the frequency hopping and stuff.

Warsha 7:12

Evan 7:13
All of that, all of that was World War Two.

Warsha 7:14

Evan 7:15
So we know our generation knows, whatever it is miles ahead and you think oh this is like a new age. It's been around for a while, but in between there's been feast or famine. There are other conflicts that sort of thing economic crises we've recently had one, 10 years back, you know, it is cyclical.

Warsha 7:33
It is cyclical and you know what the world goes on.

Evan 7:37
It does

Warsha 7:38
The world continues to move ahead.

Evan 7:41
It's like an Olympic sprinter.

Warsha 7:43

Evan 7:44

Right, what happens with an Olympic sprinter you know what you what you see really is, once every four years, they're in that race, and they're running for 10 seconds to get there, they're practicing, they have a dietician they have a coach and.

Warsha 7:59

Evan 8:00
Practice, practice, fitness, you know all the routine.

Warsha 8:01

Evan 8:02
The discipline that all the stuff to actually get there.

Warsha 8:05
Moving towards that one goal.

Evan 8:07
Absolutely right now the funny thing is, the Olympics will happen every four years, whether you are ready or not.

Warsha 8:14

Evan 8:15
Now, it's like that for your customer.

Warsha 8:17
Whether you're ready or not

Evan 8:19
Ready or ready you are not your customer is still there and

Warsha 8:20
The market is ready the market is always there.

Evan 8:22
Somebody is ready to spend some money.

Warsha 8:24
Oh, I love that so whether you're ready or not the market is always there. Oh, I love that.

Evan 8:29

Warsha 8:30
And that actually brings up the point of thinking 10 steps ahead.

Evan 8:33
Of course it does.

Warsha 8:34
So that brings up the point of thinking 10 steps ahead, thinking strategically always wearing that strategic thinker's hat, and then planning your actions.

Evan 8:44
Yep totally. So being resourceful.

Warsha 8:46
Being resourceful.

Evan 8:47
As a result, under pressure be resourceful.

Warsha 8:49
Yeah, I love that. And also, if when you were that strategic thinker's hat as a business owner, you're always keeping one eye on your business model.

Evan 8:58

Warsha 8:59
While the market is always there and is ready, it's always changing as well. So, are you adapting to suit what the market requires today.

Evan 9:06
Correct, every time.

Warsha 9:08
Every single time.

Evan 9:08
Every time

Warsha 9:09
So how do you plan how detailed are your plans, how strong are your plans, and while they are strong, how adaptable, are you in implementing those plans.

Evan 9:21

Warsha 9:22
That brings me to one of the quotes that really really made an impact. Do you remember we were watching The Crown some time ago?

Evan 9:29
Oh yes yes yes yes I remember that yes.

Warsha 9:32
Winston Churchill, then Prime Minister said in the first meeting, the first weekly meeting with the new queen.

Evan 9:40
Yeah, I remember that.

Warsha 9:42
He says, "the one thing I have learned in 52 years of public service, is that there is no problem so complex, no crisis so great, that it cannot be satisfactorily resolved within 20 minutes".

Evan 9:58
I love that.

Warsha 9:59
It's all in the planning.

Evan 10:00
It is in the planning, and it's also it's like that Parkinson's Law work will increase to the amount of time allotted to it.

Warsha 10:08

Evan 10:09
Right, but what's also interesting, perhaps that could be a little bit glib because you know enrolling a lot of people could may take more than 20 minutes but what I like about that is with focus.

Warsha 10:18

Evan 10:19
And direct hard thinking and facing brutal facts, 20 minutes.

Warsha 10:25
Under pressure.

Evan 10:26
Under pressure. You can find a solution.

Warsha 10:28
You will be creative and you will find a solution.

Evan 10:32
Ah, I love it.

Warsha 10:33

I really like it.

Evan 10:34

Warsha 10:35
And can you repeat that law that you talked about.

Evan 10:38
Parkinson's law, work will increase to the amount of time allocated to the task.

Warsha 10:42
What comes to mind to me, in you always used to talk about this Evan in your corporate life. That, if only there were two days where I could go without a long drawn out meeting, and actually get some work done. I remember you used to say this so often, that what you said just reminded me of that. So, cut away all those pointless meetings. Put your big picture thinking hat on, plan in advance and know that as humans we are incredibly resourceful and we're very creative and the solution is always they're hiding in inside you dig that out.

Evan 11:24
Often in plain sight.

Warsha 11:25
Guess what happened this year for us.

Evan 11:27
I don't know, what was that?

Warsha 11:29
For two years, Dare to Scale was put on the back burner as a concept.

Evan 11:35
That's absolutely true.

Warsha 11:36
This year.

Evan 11:37
So 2018 yeah

Warsha 11:38
It saw the light of day and not only did you see the light of day. We actually brought it to life, and look where it's going, there are massive plans in place and it's moving ahead at speed.

Evan 11:51
Totally loving it.

Warsha 11:52
That we never even imagined.

Evan 11:54
Yeah, look if you have some plans dust them off. Okay, dust them off and breathe some life into them.

Warsha 12:01
Oh beautiful.

Evan 12:02
Perfect time right look there's always an opportunity.

Warsha 12:05

Evan 12:06
And just recognizing when so for us that's exactly what it was.

Warsha 12:09
That is true.

Evan 12:10
And you know what, because things are cyclical. There are peaks and troughs, feast and famine.

Warsha 12:15

Evan 12:16
When you find yourself at the bottom of the trough. Only way from there is up. So have faith.

Warsha 12:21

Evan 12:22
Have belief and the hope, because that will see you through, and you will hit in the right direction and you will go up.

Warsha 12:28
It doesn't matter how shallow or deep the trough is.

Evan 12:30
That's true.

Warsha 12:31
It doesn't matter which level; you are in the trough. The fact is the only way after that is up.

Evan 12:38
And just having the faith of knowing that you will head up. It's not what you do, compared to anybody else right. It's what you do compared to what you could have done.

Warsha 12:45
Oh, nice.

Evan 12:46
So belief in yourself and head up.

Warsha 12:49

Very nice.

Evan 12:50
You know and that reminds me.

Warsha 12:51

Evan 12:52
We are writing our own history. Each of us, it's our own story.

Warsha 12:57
That is so true.

Evan 12:58

Warsha 12:59
Pandemic or otherwise. I also think we are living in a time that is one of the biggest milestones in human history. We are here creating that history, all of us every single one of us. It is one of the best times to be alive, times like these come only once every other generation. Make the most of it.

Evan 13:21

Warsha 13:22
Because no matter what happens, the sun will rise tomorrow morning, and the sun will shine tomorrow morning, and there will be positivity, hidden somewhere over there.

Evan 13:34
There's a wonderful quote from I think it was Christopher Robin.

Warsha 13:39
Oh yeah.

Evan 13:40
And the question is, what day is it?

Warsha 13:44
Oh its today.

Evan 13:46
My favorite.

Warsha 13:47
It's my favorite day.

Evan 13:49
Exactly right.

Warsha 13:50
Oh I love that.

Evan 13:51
So today is, the sun will rise.

Warsha 13:53

Evan 13:54
And today is my favorite day.

Warsha 13:55
Today is my favorite day.

Evan 13:56
Every day

Warsha 13:57
Every day is my favorite day.

Evan 13:58

Warsha 13:59
I love that.

Evan 14:00
Love it

Warsha 14:01
Very, very nice. So, to summarise, Evan what are the three things that we want our listener to take away today.

Evan 14:08
From the bottom of the trough the only way is up.

Warsha 14:11

Evan 14:12
Humans are always resourceful, particularly under pressure but always resourceful.

Warsha 14:18
And incredibly creative.

Evan 14:21
And the last is create your own history, be adaptable, be inspirational and inspire your team and the people around you, unless that it's not just work and business, It's also at home. Have hope for the future.

Warsha 14:36

Evan 14:37
Right, write your own history and its whatever story you want it to be, and make it a great story.

Warsha 14:42
That's so nice, because that's what Dare to Scale is all about isn't it?

Evan 14:46
Oh totally.

Warsha 14:47
It is knowing that we have it in us. The whole ethos of Dare to Scale was belief in every single person, and knowing that we all have it in us to achieve our dreams. So today, we say to you stand up, dare to stand up, dare to rise, dare to believe in yourself, and dare to dream.

Evan 15:10
And make those dreams a reality.

Warsha 15:11
And make those dreams a reality.

Evan 15:12
Totally love it.

Warsha 15:13
There's one quote, that we want to also talk about today.

Evan 15:18
Oh I love this one.

Warsha 15:19
Because that's something that for both Evan and me, has always played a huge part on those days, where we thought the world looks a little bleak today and that quote, has always brightened it up for us. It's a quote by Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci.

Evan 15:35

Warsha 15:36
Years and years years years ago, before man knew how to fly. He said once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turn skywards. For there, you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Evan 15:56

And we love it because we love to travel as well.

Warsha 16:00
That is true.

Evan 16:01
Can't wait to get on a plane again. That is absolutely beautiful.

Warsha 16:05
It is.

Evan 16:06
Once you've done it. You want to do it again.

Warsha 16:08
Once you know you've achieved something, once you know you've achieved your dream. You want to do it again, once you know you've climbed a mountain successfully you want to climb the next one.

Evan 16:17
Yeah, absolutely. And yeah, find that next mountain, because there's always more fun to be had while you're actually doing that next mountain.

Warsha 16:26
Get your people together, keep climbing. Keep reaching the summit, keep winning. And we'll see you in the next episode, because that's when we're going to go a little bit deeper into now as a business owner planning your next 12 months.

Evan 16:41
What I love about planning it's not just a word. It's planning to do the right things in the wrong gear and for the right result.

Warsha 16:50
Right thing in the right order, right results

Evan 16:51
Yeah love it So planning it is.

Warsha 16:55
Planning it is. So, we see you next time. Thank you so much for staying with us till the end.

Evan 17:00

Warsha 17:01
And we will see you on our Facebook group daretoscale.fm

Evan 17:05

Warsha 17:06
/facebook, and all of our social media channels, it doesn't matter where you're listening do remember to leave us a five-star review.

Evan 17:14
Yes, please.

Warsha 17:15
And we would love to hear from you. We will see you very very soon.

Evan 17:19

Warsha 17:20

Bye for now.

Evan 17:21

Warsha 17:23

Hey hey hey, thanks for joining us and listening, right to the end.

Evan 17:28
Get on over to Dare to Scale.fm to subscribe and access show notes and transcriptions.

Warsha 17:34
Oh also, did you know that we have a Facebook page for our podcast listeners. Come join the conversations at daretoscale.fm/facebook.

Evan 17:45
Absolutely, oh and also remember to give us a five-star review so other entrepreneurs can find this podcast like you, and get value to scale forward their business.

Warsha 17:54
Fabulous, we will see you at our next show. Bye for now.

Evan 17:58

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