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Episode 1

The 4-Step Framework When Scaling a Business

To the successful entrepreneur, running a business is just like climbing a mountain. It's no easy feat, but all that hard work is worth it once you reach the top. But what do you do next after getting to the summit? Are you brave enough to scale the next mountain in your business? Join us in this episode as we show you how you can go from reaching one summit to conquering new heights.

"When you dare to scale, your journey starts."

Episode Highlights:
  • The 4-step framework we use when scaling a business
  • A step most business owners find challenging but is critical if you really want to be successful in scaling a business
  • Why it is so important to be "emptying your cup"
  • The 5 arenas you'll need to prepare and play around with before scaling
Action Steps
Among the 4 stages of the framework (Dare, Unlearn, Prepare, and Scale), where do you identify being in and which do you need most help with?

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I Dare You! ~ William H. Danforth

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Episode Transcript

Warsha 0:01

Welcome to the Dare to Scale show with me Warsha

Evan 0:05

And me, Evan.

Warsha 0:06

So, what is Dare to Scale? Over the years that we've been coaching founders and business owners, much like yourselves, we work through a framework called Dare to Scale

Evan 0:18

Dare to Scale indeed, that framework has helped loads of business owners. And that is what this show is all about. So, put on your big picture, thinking hat

Warsha 0:28

Oh, and your headphones, and come join us and enjoy the ride.

Warsha 0:32

Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's episode of Dare to Scale. My name is Warsha.

Evan 0:43

And my name is Evan, Hi.

Warsha 0:46

Hey, today we're gonna talk about you, you, the successful business owner, you the successful entrepreneur, you the successful person, you who have achieved so much in life, you have achieved your goals, you have set clear goals, and you have achieved them. And you are now sitting at the top of your scaling forward journey where you are.

Evan 1:12

And that reminds me of the analogy of a mountain.

Warsha 1:15

Oh, yeah.

Evan 1:16

So, when you were scaling the mountain that you currently on, you know, at some point, you had to start, and you had to reach Basecamp. And there were certain things you had to learn put into place. And it's all about the battle, the struggle, if you will, to actually get moving to get there. And then you had to reach the second camp. And then the third. And then you know, with the combined efforts and the learnings, you've got to the summit of the mountain that you're on.

Warsha 1:44


Evan 1:45

The thing with most, in fact, probably all mountaineers, I don't know. I'm not one, but I do understand. For them it is. You reach the peak. And then you look for the next big mountain.

Warsha 1:59

Oh, yes.

Evan 1:59

It's the next big challenge. You're always looking for the next big challenge.

Warsha 2:03

The next big mountain to climb.

Evan 2:05


Warsha 2:06

Brilliant. And when you do find that next mountain to climb, which I think most mountaineers already know, which is that next mountain, they're going to scale. What happens and what do they learn from their experiences.

Evan 2:18

Learn from the past yes. So, what went well? What could go better? And sometimes you don't know. And that's part of the awareness that you have to then actually develop?

Warsha 2:25

Yeah. And then learn or upskill, learn, retrain, plan. And very importantly, and this is something that starts with the first mountain that you climb isn't it Evan is also gather your team with you know.

Evan 2:41

Oh for sure.

Warsha 2:42

Get the right people to climb that mountain with you.

Evan 2:46


Warsha 2:47

Because it's not one person who climbs and one person may stand on top of the summit. But it's never one person's journey.

Evan 2:53

Absolutely not. And without your team, it's pointless.

Warsha 2:55

It is completely pointless.

Evan 2:58

Yeah, so getting the right team in place. definitely got you to where you are now.

Warsha 3:03


Evan 3:04

But the new mountain has different challenges.

Warsha 3:06


Evan 3:07

Different pitfalls.

Warsha 3:08


Evan 3:09

Different things you're gonna have to learn and adapt to, to actually get to the top of that next mountain.

Warsha 3:14

So, why are we talking about climbing mountains today?

Evan 3:18

It's all about the fear of doing it in the first place.

Warsha 3:21

Oh, yes and it's not very different from scaling your business is it?

Evan 3:25

You dare to take that challenge and you Dare to Scale.

Warsha 3:28


Evan 3:29

To start, you grow. And in that metaphorical sense, you reach your summit.

Warsha 3:33

You bet.

Evan 3:34

And then you're looking for the next challenge the next summit that you want to assault.

Warsha 3:39

Very, very nice. I like it. So that's how our framework came together didn't Evan, and when we launch our Dare to Scale program, this is where it all starts.

Evan 3:49

Not very much.

Warsha 3:50

This is the beginning. This is the first step. And I want to talk a little bit about where Dare came from.

Evan 3:54

Now that's actually quite funny. We were working on some calendar issues a couple of years ago. And it was really interesting. I mentioned the square men familiar with the book I Dare You! by William H. Danforth, the primary thing is, there's a square in there, which is your social, your mental, your physical and your spiritual realms. And if you have them all in balance, you end up with a square.

Warsha 4:20


Evan 4:21

Now, if they're not in balance, obviously you end up with some other funny shape. And I remember saying it Warsha, it reminds me of this book. And like I said, it's I Dare You! and that actually caught your imagination.

Warsha 4:30

It did and I went and looked that book up and like the classics. So, this book, I soon found out that it was written in 1931 by William H. Danforth, and what caught me is the second paragraph of the author's preface. So, really, that book had me at hello. It really did. And I want to at this stage read out that little paragraph which says I Dare You is for the daring few who are headed somewhere, those afraid to dare might as well pass it up. It will weary the lazy because it calls for immediate action. It will bore the sophisticated and amuse the skeptics. It will antagonize the others; some will not even know what it is all about. It will not be over popular because it calls for courage, swift and daring. But in the eyes of you, one of the priceless few, I trust will come a gleam of battle, as you read on, you can be a bigger person than you are. And I'm going to prove it to you. So, there you go. That paragraph just changed me. Ever since I read it.

Evan 5:45

It does, and that encapsulate essentially you who we're talking to today.

Warsha 5:50

Yeah. So, when you Dare to Scale, your journey starts.

Evan 5:55

Absolutely does.

Warsha 5:57

And the second step, after you say you dare you stand up, roll your sleeves up. What happens after that?

Evan 6:04

Ah, well, you're facing a new challenge.

Warsha 6:06

Mm hmm.

Evan 6:07

And the summit that you're actually on, took certain steps to actually get there. And you've got that sense of absolute elation. You've got your team around you. You've all done it, you've got to the top.

Warsha 6:19

Oh, yeah.

Evan 6:20

Absolutely. What you set out to do. The next summit is different, different challenges, different pitfalls. And maybe you'll have to learn a few new ways of doing things. And the next step in that journey is maybe as part of your assessment and what went well, and what could go better is maybe some unlearning.

Warsha 6:42

Oh, yes.

Evan 6:43

And the unlearning is about admitting that, well, quite frankly, your baby might be ugly. What that means is, it's just simple. You as the owner, you started your business. You set it all up, and you grew and everything was really in a way about you. It's all tied to you. Now, if that next summit, using that that mountaineering analogy, again, if that next summit requires different skill sets and different ways of doing things, you might have to admit that something could be better. And that actually can be quite confronting. And it takes courage and this is part of the day.

Warsha 7:21


Evan 7:22

It takes courage to take that step to stand up and say, Yeah, I want to do better. And I need help to do that.

Warsha 7:30


Evan 7:31

I can't do this by myself.

Warsha 7:32

Yeah. And I'm willing to ask for help.

Evan 7:34

Absolutely. So, once you get to that space, where you admit that something could be better, you then have to accept that, at some cases, it's about your ego, putting your ego aside and doing what is right for the business. A lot of coaches talk about checking your ego at the door. And that can be a little bit confronting.

Warsha 7:54

Oh, yeah.

Evan 7:55

Because if you want to associated with your business, it's difficult to let go.

Warsha 8:01


Evan 8:02

So, what's required is to check the ego and dissociate. Take a step back from your business and start doing what the business needs.

Warsha 8:10

Oh, yes

Evan 8:11

To take those steps forward.

Warsha 8:12

Absolutely. And, you know, that also reminds me of something, Evan, as you said, a lot of coaches, not just recommend, this is one of the stipulations you check your ego at the door. How many business owners allow somebody to call them out on it?

Evan 8:28

Yeah. And to scrutinize and

Warsha 8:30

To scrutinize, are you really checking your ego at the door? Are all those just words? For a lot of people, that intense association prevents that checking the ego at the door, wholly and completely.

Evan 8:43

And look, there's a reason for that. By checking your ego at the door, you're essentially checking your emotions as well.

Warsha 8:49

Very nice. Oh, very nice.

Evan 8:51

So, what that means is you're sitting with an open mind, and without judgment, can listen. And you might actually hear a truth that is right in front of you, but you can't see it.

Warsha 9:04


Evan 9:05

Because you don't want to.

Warsha 9:05

And or you're also too close to the problem.

Evan 9:09


Warsha 9:09

Or too close to the situation. So yeah. Oh, I love it. So really admitting that something needs to be changed, accepting that unlearning needs to happen and not just within themselves, isn't it Evan and not just within you as a business owner, isn't it Evan? It really is about admitting that something needs to change and accepting that unlearning needs to happen. And Evan it's really it's not just about you as a business owner where the unlearning needs to happen.

Evan 9:39

No absolutely not.

Warsha 9:40

It also is unlearning that the team needs to go through as well.

Evan 9:43


Warsha 9:44

And as you always say.

Evan 9:45

That the tone is set from the top.

Warsha 9:47

Absolutely. So, the direction and the tone is set from the top. And it's about having that willingness and committing to that willingness to change.

Warsha 9:54


Evan 9:55

To do something different.

Warsha 9:56


Evan 9:56

To accept a new reality.

Warsha 9:58


Evan 9:59

A new possibility.

Warsha 10:00


Evan 10:00

Right. Very interestingly, there's a story that you have. And it's about the cup.

Warsha 10:04

Oh, yes. Yeah. emptying the cup.

Evan 10:06

Emptying the cup.

Warsha 10:07

Emptying the cup a little bit. Yeah. It's a story I heard as a child, my dad used to study Zen philosophy as Zen way of life. And he talks about this little story, which goes like this way that it said, it's a story about a very successful businessman who is successful, he is, well, he has a great family, he is pretty much everything. He has everything that he could ever wish for. And he really is at the top of his game. And he is introduced to this Zen master, or he crosses paths with the Zen master, when he's told no. And he is told about this Zen master. And he says, Well, actually, you haven't achieved everything until you have met this master. So, go meet this master. The only way to meet this master is to climb this mountain, and he stays, he lives there. And you got to make that journey yourself. So, make that journey. Go meet him. So, this businessman says, Oh, well, I've learned so much in my life. And what is this master gonna teach me anyway, but Fine, I'll go whatever. And he makes a journey goes and sits in front of the master. And the master is sitting with a little tea service in front of him. And the master gestures for the businessman to take a seat in front of him. And the master then starts pouring tea in the little cup. And he keeps pouring, and he keeps pouring, and he keeps pouring, and the cup begins to overflow. And this businessman says, oh, my goodness, what are you doing? Stop pouring already, it the cup is full. There's no place for any more tea to go in. And guess what? The master smiles. A very knowing smile, a very calm and gentle smile, looks the businessman in the eye and says, That's right. Have you emptied the cup outside the store enough to learn something new today?

Evan 12:05

Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant.

Warsha 12:08


Evan 12:08

Completely summarizes that our learning.

Warsha 12:10

And learning space.

Evan 12:11

And there's that that's the point.

Warsha 12:13

That is the point.


Something's no longer serve, empty them out.

Warsha 12:16

Empty it out.

Evan 12:17

Find the right information and put it in.

Warsha 12:19

And address what now needs to be addressed.

Evan 12:22

Absolutely so, you're, you're addressing it, and you're filling your cup with what you need to have in your cup. I mean, as Marshall Goldsmith says, What got you here won't get you there?

Warsha 12:31


Evan 12:32

Right. It's all about that sort of ethos. So, getting the right information, to make yourself stronger. So, you can in fact, rise stronger than before and face that new challenge.

Warsha 12:43

Brilliant. And what is the next step that comes after you arise?

Evan 12:49

Ah huh. So, now.

Warsha 12:50

Yeah, prepare.

Evan 12:50

You start to prepare.

Warsha 12:51

You start to prepare what now needs to be prepared in terms of foundation really laying the foundation? You know, it's like that classic saying you can break a few eggs to make an omelet?

Evan 13:04


Warsha 13:05

So how many eggs are which are those eggs that now need to be broken? To make that omelet? So really begin assessing or really begin to strip away the layers to see where the gaps are within your business? So, there is a particular framework that we go through, isn't it the five arenas.

Evan 13:22

Absolutely. So, your playground.

Warsha 13:24

Your playground.

Evan 13:25

The areas of your business, that are critical, and can be addressed independently, and yet, as a whole, become.

Warsha 13:32


Evan 13:33

What you need to be to move forward?

Warsha 13:34

You bet.

Evan 13:35

Those arenas are quite simple. The first is your business model and your revenue generation. Your second is your strategy and financing. The third is people and leadership.

Warsha 13:44


Evan 13:45

Fourth, cash flow and systems. And the fifth, last but not least, is your operations and your efficiency.

Warsha 13:52


Evan 13:53

Another thing is the tools that we use here, and this framework is not necessarily anything new.

Warsha 13:58


Evan 13:59


Warsha 13:59

It's not rocket science.

Evan 14:00

No, it is not rocket science. Our spin on it makes it a little bit different.

Warsha 14:04


Evan 14:05

And that's where the real value is.

Warsha 14:07

Yep. And are you again, daring to take on this challenge.

Evan 14:13

Take on the challenge.

Warsha 14:14

This journey. And why would you? Why would you do all this? What is the purpose of this preparation stage is so that you can then go.

Evan 14:22

And scale.

Warsha 14:23

And scale and apply.

Evan 14:24

Oh, and you scale the mountain. It's all the same thing.

Warsha 14:27


Evan 14:28

Climbing, scaling and all of that and you're heading for the summit. And when you're when you're in that space, you have the foundation, right? You can apply each of these tools into a specific area of your business and get that happening. You can analyze what is going well, you can amend what needs to be amended. Sometimes prune what needs to be pruned?

Warsha 14:49

Oh, yeah.

Evan 14:50

And then continue the advance.

Warsha 14:52

Continue the advancement.

Evan 14:53

As they say rinse.

Warsha 14:56

Rinse, lather, rinse, repeat.

Evan 15:00

Its about continual learning.

Warsha 15:01


Evan 15:02

Absolutely continual learning.

Warsha 15:03

it is about continual learning. And this, the scaling stage, which is the fourth stage of the framework is almost like a live document that plays over and over again, in your business, like you said, lather, rinse, repeat it is, apply something, assess, or analyze.

Evan 15:20

And amend.

Warsha 15:22

And then amend. So, this really is that like the live document that stays within your business, isn't it?

Evan 15:26


Warsha 15:27

This isn't the last four steps.

Evan 15:28

Yes, yes yes yes!

Warsha 15:30

The scaling process. So, you apply, you analyze.

Evan 15:34

You amend and advance.

Warsha 15:35

And you advance.

Evan 15:37

While leveraging those preparation tools.

Warsha 15:38

Yep, the five.

Evan 15:39

That's where the detail is, and that that little playground with large playground as the case may be, but in their playground, you will find the bits that need to be tweaked the bits that need to be amended and addressed.

Warsha 15:52

Yes. So now, you, the successful business owner, are you ready to join us on this journey to scale your business and climb that mountain that you have now set for yourself?

Evan 16:06

Exactly. You've scaled up so far. Now you want to scale forward?

Warsha 16:10


Warsha 16:11

So, what is the one takeaway that you would like our listeners to do today Evan?

Evan 16:16

Was certainly you start with daring, right?

Warsha 16:18

Oh, yes.

Evan 16:19

And you dare to say you know what? I definitely need help.

Warsha 16:24


Evan 16:24

And I'm prepared to stand up, be counted.

Warsha 16:27


Evan 16:28

Take a stand. To actually move ourselves forward.

Warsha 16:31

Very nice. So, one of the things that I would like our listeners to do today is in the dare unlearn, prepare, and scale framework, which is the one thing that you must identify with today.

Evan 16:46

Nice, very nice.

Warsha 16:47

What is the one thing where you think you need help with? Were in this journey, are you? Come join us in the conversations that happen on our Facebook group day to scale with Warsha and Evan, and come tell us?

Evan 17:02


Warsha 17:03

Let's keep talking.

Evan 17:04


Evan 17:05

And while you're at it, go to daretoscale.fm. Subscribe, or subscribe on the podcast service that you're currently on.

Warsha 17:12

Oh, and also, as you subscribe, remember to give us that five-star reviews so more business owners like yourselves, come join you and everybody else in those conversations, and be your support network be your peer network as you move along.

Evan 17:29

And scale forward.

Warsha 17:30

And scale forward.

Evan 17:31

Nice. Absolutely.

Warsha 17:33

So thank you for listening to us today and staying right till the end. We will see you next time. So be sure to join us. Bye bye for now.

Evan 17:41

Bye for now.

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