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learn to scale your business gracefully
We Want To Help You Overcome Your Sense Of Overwhelm So You Can Scale Your Business Gracefully
If you are not sure what to do next then maybe its time we talked, don't you think?
Yes, Let's Talk!
Are you ready to move from masterful technician to being master of your business?
Stop feeling alone in your business, say goodbye to your overwhelm and surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey.
Hey there, Warsha and Evan here, co-creators and founders of Dare To Scale.
Are you tired of feeling alone in your business?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at keeping all the balls in the air?

Are you frustrated with the day to day firefighting in your business?

Do you ever wish you had a support system? A confidential group of people to turn to when you need advice?

If you answered yes to any of the above then welcome! This is the place for you.
What other Masters say... 
"I am held accountable for my plan and strategy in my business...which I think is immensely powerful."
Dhiren Bhatia - Head Cloud Connector, Cloudscape Technologies 
"The power of knowing that you are not alone at the top gives that special confidence to aim even higher and reach for bigger opportunities."
Jatin Sachdeva - Founder and CEO, Au Pure
Grow your business while taking back your freedom.
We limit group coaching to 4 members so you get the most benefit from the time we all have together.
We carefully select founders and build groups so you're not competing with other members. This gives you a safe place to learn and share so you can brainstorm on some of your and other founders scary challenges.
If you're running a $1m+ business and want to 10x your results you've come to the right place.