Feeling lonely at the top as you
grow your business?
Breathe easy as help is at hand!
The Dare To Scale book is available 
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Thank you to Darren Carrington for mediating our session and for lending his voice to our audio book which launched 11 June 2021.
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Dare To Scale Book
How to Grow Your Business Gracefully
Have you ever sat at your desk holding your head in your hands, stressed and wondering what to do next in your business?

Do you feel your dreams are on hold due to the constant firefighting?

• Feeling lonely at the top
• Being close to burnout
• Hitting a stress ceiling while scaling your business
• Getting the right people
• Never-ending task lists


Take a deep breath and open the book because help is at hand.  Inside are simple and easy-to-follow concepts to take that next step in your business.

Dare to Scale is a milestone book to enable business owners,  entrepreneurs, founders, you, to dare to dream big and achieve those  dreams.
Launched 17 May 2021!
Also available as an audio book on Audible!
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Praise from our readers ...
'Concise and sound advice for any SME.'

Joseph Margow
Private Equity Industry Expert
'...if you want to scale this is for you.'

Rajiv Handa
Managing Partner, Bizlocity Enablers, India
'...the foundational blocks every  entrepreneur should be taught.'

Dhiren Bhatia
CEO, Cloudscape Technologies
United Arab Emirates
'...a clear map to scale up confidently.'

Imelda Dagus
CEO, Dennis Coffee Garden
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