FACE - Balance the Hustle

FACE - Balance the Hustle

Every entrepreneur has their own conquests and trials. The first step in starting a business is hard and then maintaining the entrepreneurial hustle and spirit can be even more challenging. An entrepreneur is known for the strength, the determination, the discipline, the resilience, the dedication and everything that goes into that hustle. While hustle is amazing, there is a lot that happens on the other side.

What is the other side? Ever give it a thought, an entrepreneur, as they are hustling, doing their thing, it's easy to forget that there's a person there and that person has needs and wants like anybody else. They also need to have some balance in their life much like in business, we talk about tug of war in opposing metrics, something's got to give. From burning that midnight oil and crunching numbers to finding exceptional breakthroughs for the businesses, it is not easy to stay motivated.
There are many different ways of looking at this Mind, Body, Soul, that kind of thing to help you stay balanced in order to maintain that hustle. For me, it's a very simple acronym and the acronym is FACE and 'how your FACE shows up'.
• F in FACE is Faith. Faith has many connotations, both secular and religious, for me, it's a belief in self.

o It is that inner determination, a sureness, a hope, that drives the courage to act; to set out on the journey of creating a new business. So, one of the key things that really helps is to meditate first thing in the morning, just calming down and breathing effectively and then approach the day with an abundance mindset, knowing that there is enough to go around for everyone and truly believe the universe will respond.

• A in FACE stands for Activity and more often than not, that's a physical activity.

o If it's not a 15 minute walk then maybe something a bit more strenuous like swimming. Engaging in regular fitness improves health and vitality which helps in reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem.

o Consider too that it can be about experiences and doing something new. Literally take the time to slow down and smell the roses.

• C is for Creativity and this is your mind!

o As Zig Ziglar, says 'Your input will determine your outlook and your outlook determines your output'. So, your creativity is both what you're putting out there in your hustle and it's also what you're putting into your mind. Work your way through what it is that's bothering you, or what challenge you have, whether it's in the business or in any other aspect of your life, and taking that time to actually think.

• E is for Environment

o It includes family, workplace at home, the environment from which you can garner mobile. Work to create habits that signal to yourself and those around you that you're in 'interruption free mode'. Put on those noise-cancelling headphones, turn off your phone or put it on silent and move it away from you (so you can't easily pick it up). Remove as many excuses and distractions as you can so you can focus on what's important.

At the end of the day, the most important rule to maintaining that hustle is to stay positive despite all odds. Basically, knowing where you want to be, knowing where you want to go. Set aside time to focus on yourself and your well-being. Remember once again the easy acronym FACE - Faith, Activity, Creativity and Environment.

It takes a certain type of heart to hustle so bring in the balance that will reignite your passion for entrepreneurship.

Author: Evan Le Clus
Evan is a senior corporate executive turned entrepreneur and CFO mentor to founder CEOs, bringing his own style and experience to his mentees. He gained rich experience as a corporate finance professional with nearly 30 years in multinationals in the hospitality, private equity and theme park industries.

Evan transitioned into a hands-on CFO business mentor to SME founders looking to scale their businesses to the next level. Evan's forte is in revenue generation, cashflow management, and corporate governance which enables him to mentor these founders to run profitable and efficient businesses that are built on a solid foundation.

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