25 January 2022
8.00 am to 3.00 pm
The Oberoi Hotel 
Al A'amal St 
Business Bay 
Build Your Strategic Roadmap For 2022
The Dare To Scale Annual Planning Session
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Future pace your business into 2022
Invest quality time into your 12 month plan so you can navigate the uncertain waters ahead with confidence!

The world continues to shift quite a bit and now every single month can feel like sailing into uncharted waters.

If you are like many small business owners, there is just something daunting about putting together a clear road map for the next 12 months. It takes time and effort to put together and while working the plan starts with gusto (like a lot of New Year resolutions that can lose momentum by April) and not be looked at again after a couple of months, leaving you wondering what happened.

And yet having no plan is like sailing without a rudder! You really could end up anywhere.
"If I only had an hour to chop down a tree,
I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe." 
- Abraham Lincoln
The objective of this session is to do just that: take time to sharpen your 'strategic axe'.

To now build a clear growth road map, high level enough to drive the company forward and detailed enough for it to be filtered down through your teams.

You will take away this plan in a single, Elemental Sketchbook which is a powerful summary plan and will continue to be a live document for the next 12 months and beyond.

We will be working on...
  Turn your big picture into reality
  Discover your leadership style to set the right tone from the top
 Identify core competencies and capabilities
 Discover your industry and market trends
 Chunk down your 12 month roadmap into quarterly sprints
  Use KPI's and accountability to measure your progress
Enjoy your journey and come out a winner!
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Think, discover and discuss to crush the next 12 months
Where you are now, what did the last 18 months look like for your business and how are you placed right now to move forward.

How you show up as a leader and what mindset do you bring to the table.

Where do you want to go and what needs to change and evolve in your strategy to crush the next 12 months.

What are the key initiatives that need to be taken up.

Break down the roadmap in to quarterly sprints, align your people with KPI's and accountability.
Celebrate each win along the way
Your company requires simplicity, transparency and a strong roadmap so everyone speaks the same language on the journey.
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Your Investment to Future Pace Your Business is
Only USD 1,500
Once your seat is secure look out for the email which you will receive 2 working days prior to the session. This email will contain the pre-work required before the session which you will find on The Dare to Scale Community platform. Keep an eye on your Inbox
Welcome to a brand new year!
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Meet Your Faciliators
Warsha is a business mentor to founder CEOs and is driven by a relentless passion for enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, especially second-generation CEOs of family-run businesses.

Warsha divides her time between Platinum VA and her much sought-after business scaling up mentoring for the SME segment through Dare To Scale.

As an added level of entrepreneurial support, she now enjoys running the DTS premium business masterminds with CEOs who dare to be mentored to mastery.

Evan is a senior corporate executive turned entrepreneur and CFO mentor to founder CEOs, bringing his own style and experience to his mentees. He gained rich experience as a corporate finance professional with nearly 30 years in multinationals in the hospitality, private equity and theme park industries.

Evan transitioned into a hands-on CFO business mentor to SME founders looking to scale their businesses to the next level. Evan's forte is in revenue generation, cashflow management, and corporate governance which enables him to mentor these founders to run profitable and efficient businesses.

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The Annual Business planning session has been a real action trigger to set the ball rolling for the next year.

In addition, to realizing there are areas to improve to plug gaps and have the right balance of people and processes to enable our big forward looking goals.

It is a great start of the thought process and hope it will continue to evolve and enable us for further growth towards our BHAG.

Thanks Warsha & Evan.

Jatin Sachdeva
Founder and CEO
Au Pure
I attended the DTS Annual Planning Session with Warsha on Dec 20th 2022 and had an incredible session.
One of the key reasons to join was the need for the time to strategize and plan the coming year which is usually not possible when running the business.
The DTS APB session is brilliantly designed to help founders really cut through the noise and walk away with a clear plan with initiatives broken into clear milestones and activities for the 4 quarters.
Dhiren Bhatia
Cloudscape Techologies
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